With the theme of "how to think and act to create a sustainable world," we invited people from various positions, ages, and viewpoints to speak on International Women's Day.
For many years, the Riviera, which has connected people and has been positively involved in the SDGs, will serve as a place for discussion.Amidst a mountain of issues facing society as a whole, such as gender equality and work styles, it will encourage those who continue to strive for the future and the people who have courage. I would like to think with those who give.

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Interviewer: Aki Watanabe


<Organizer> Riviera Group / NPO Riviera Future Creation Project

<Cooperation> Riviera Country Club, Riviera Tokyo

About Riviera SDGs Festival

The SDGs advocated by the United Nations have the image of being tackled by governments, local governments, and large corporations, despite the fact that many small and medium-sized enterprises, voluntary organizations, and local residents also agree.The RIVIERA Group believes that by providing opportunities for people who support the SDGs to come together regardless of the framework, people can connect side by side and create synergistic effects for better activities.
Now that we have reached the countdown to 2030, the Riviera will become a “hub” with the continuous holding of the “Riviera SDGs Festival”, and a chain of SDGs actions will occur. rice field.In order to connect the future to the next generation, we will talk, think, act, and disseminate the SDGs using tools.

Past Riviera Sustainable Events

In the Riviera, which provides a place for people to gather,
"Creation of a prosperous future to live with nature"
Since 2012, various
We have held sustainable events.
Industry, size, public and private, etc.
We will continue to disseminate information across all frameworks.

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Riviera Future Creation Project

Since 2006, the Riviera Group
We are promoting the SDGs by focusing on efforts to create a prosperous future.
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