Currently, in Japan, dogs and cats are bred at a rate of 3 in 1 households, and pets are becoming more and more family-friendly.
As with humans, the phenomenon of "low birthrate and aging" is occurring, and while the number of newborns is decreasing,
The life expectancy is steadily increasing, partly due to the development of medical care and the effects of diets that consider nutrition.
On the other hand, tens of thousands of dogs and cats are killed every year in Japan.
Under these circumstances, Kanagawa Prefecture has been achieving “zero slaughter” for both dogs and cats in recent years.
The Riviera supports this "zero slaughter" initiative and holds an event.

Riviera Initiatives

Pet Festa held in 2017, along with enlightenment activities for pet protection,
One of the purposes was to solicit a construction fund for the Kanagawa Prefectural Animal Conservation Center, and this facility opened in 2019.
The Animal Conservation Center treats dogs and cats protected in the prefecture for injuries and illnesses,
We will continue to promote activities such as discipline to live with people, and for that purpose, we will need operating funds in the future.
Therefore, in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Kanagawa Pet Life Fund was established with the aim of "from zero slaughter to beyond."
The Riviera aims to further promote awareness of animal welfare by holding events and proposing "rich living with people and pets" for the future.

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