What is Shonan International Art Festival?

We Japanese have lived with the sea since ancient times.In particular, those of us who live from Miura to Yugawara (Shonan Coast), which surround Sagami Bay, feel close to the sea, have become familiar with it, and have created history together with it.The Shonan Coast has great potential, and by rediscovering and rediscovering the charm of Shonan, a new flow of people will be born. We aim to create a blue economy from the perspective of culture and the arts in order to revitalize the wide-area community of ``a city with a sea overlooking Mt. Fuji,'' and we hope that the Shonan International Art Festival, which values ​​the perspective from the sea, will be an opportunity to do so. Masu.By transmitting art from the ocean, we will redefine the existence of the ocean for those of us who live in the present and future, and this will in turn become one of the roadmaps for improving ocean environmental issues and regional issues. I will take care of you.

Main venue: Riviera Zushi Marina
Sub-venue: Riviera Seabornia Marina, Enoshima Yacht Harbor

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November 10th Fri. 15:00~ (Reception starts from 14:30)

Riviera Zushi Marina Special Venue (Terrace Horizon)
*Due to a large number of applications, we have changed the venue.

【Admission charge】 Free
*Parking lot is charged separately.

■ Keynote speech

Title: "Art is familiar"
Speaker: Craftsman Ryohei Miyata

Born in Sado, Niigata Prefecture in 1945
1970 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Crafts
1972 Completed the Department of Crafts (Metal Forging), Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
1990 Ministry of Education overseas researcher (Germany), solo exhibition (Germany)
1997 Appointed professor at Tokyo University of the Arts
Special selection at the 29th Nitten Exhibition
2001 Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Tokyo University of the Arts Vice President/Director
2005 President of Tokyo University of the Arts
2009 Received honorary doctorate of plastic arts from Daegu University (Korea)
Received the Prime Minister's Award at the 41st Nitten Exhibition
2012 Japan Art Academy Award Winner
2016 Appointed as the 22nd Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (until 2022)
2022 Appointed as Nitten Chairman
2023 2023 Person of Cultural Merit Selection
350th Anniversary of Mitsukoshi Founding, Commemoration of Inauguration as a Member of the Japan Academy of Fine Arts, “To the Sea” Ryohei Miyata Exhibition (until 11/13)
Currently a member of the Japan Academy of Arts

Main works collected:
Tokyo University of the Arts University Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Niigata Prefectural Museum of Contemporary Art, Toyama Prefectural Tateyama Museum, Tokyo Station "Silver Bell" (4th generation), Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi New Building emblem, Kanda Myojin Shrine, Nezu Shrine, Hie Shrine, Daegu University ( Korea), Chuo Gakuin University, etc.

■Talk session: Craftsman Ryohei Miyata x Sculptor Mineo Kobe x Kanagawa Prefecture Governor Yuji Kuroiwa

Mr. Ryohei Miyata

Japan Art Academy member
9th President and Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts
22nd Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Chairman of Nitten Public Interest Incorporated Association

Mr. Mineo Kobe

Japan Art Academy member
Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University of Arts
Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Nitten Public Interest Incorporated Association
Former Chairman of the Japan Sculpture Association
Chairman of the “Gifu, Land of Clear Streams” Art Festival Steering Committee

Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture


Sculptor Mineo Kobe special exhibition


"Tokugawa Ieyasu Equestrian Statue" (model)

Mr. Mineo Kobe has been attracting a lot of attention since the ``Tokugawa Ieyasu equestrian statue'' was introduced as Japan's best equestrian statue in the NHK historical drama ``What to do with Ieyasu'' currently airing. This is the first special exhibition of Mineo Kobe's works in 2010 years since the ``UNESCO 65th Anniversary Sculpture Exhibition by Mineo Kobe'' held at UNESCO Head Office in Paris in 13.
*We also accept requests to purchase works.

[Exhibition date and time]
November 10th Fri. ~12th Sun.
11:00 - 16:00

Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Plaza

【Admission fee】
*Parking lot is charged separately.

<Gallery talk by Mineo Kobe>

[Date and time]
November 12th Sun. 11:30~/15:30~
Around 1 hour (estimated)

【Admission fee】

<Concurrently held>

Craftsman Ryohei Miyata
Sponsored exhibition (latest works)
"Springen Moonlight"

The Springen series was born after being encouraged by dolphins leaping through the rough waves of their hometown of Sado.

light artist
Mr. Ryuji Ito

outdoor installation
(Lights from sunset to 20:30)

Special viewing of the private museum “Sinara Museum”


1927 years after its launch in 100, the historic wooden sailing ship ``Sinara'' is an antique art work that underwent a six-and-a-half year restoration with the help of 6 craftsmen from 12 countries around the world.A limited-time special tour of the annex's non-public museum that records its history will be held for a limited time.
It is also possible to land from the sea.

[Viewing date and time]
November 11th Sat.

【The meeting place】
11:00 Riviera Seabornia Marina Seabornia Clubhouse Restaurant

¥10,000 (light meal, commentary included, tax included)

Applications have closed

Great catch flag art exhibition (invited artist)

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

The works of invited artists exhibited at Aquamarine Fukushima (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)'s "Tairyo Flag Art Exhibition" will decorate the sky of Enoshima.
We also plan to operate a boat from Riviera Zushi Marina so that you can enjoy the art and Enoshima from the sea.

[Viewing date and time]
November 10th Fri. ~12th Sun.
8:30 - 17:00

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

【Admission fee】

A special cruise to visit the Shonan International Art Festival venue by boat.
Connects "Riviera Zushi Marina Venue" and "Enoshima Yacht Harbor Venue".
The beautiful Shonan seen from the sea side is a beautiful piece of art itself.Please use your own smartphone camera to take pictures of your own artwork.

Enoshima is also known as the "bellybutton of Shonan."
Let's take a look at the other side of Enoshima from the sea.The majestic Mt. Fuji towering over the sea is the main visual of the Shonan International Art Festival.

☆How to enjoy Shonan for a day using a boat (XNUMX patterns)☆

①<Zushi ⇔ Enoshima (round trip)>

Start from Kamakura Station.Head to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, which opens at 6:00 am.

From 8:30, enjoy the autumn leaves at Kenchoji and Engakuji while heading to Riviera Zushi Marina via Komachi Street.

[11:45 Zushi → Enoshima]
Set sail from beautiful Zushi in the morning and enjoy art viewing, lunch, and a stroll in Enoshima.

[14:45 Enoshima → Zushi]
Return elegantly by boat and enjoy art viewing, tea time, photo time, and outdoor installations at Riviera Zushi Marina, which is reminiscent of an overseas resort.

②<Zushi ⇔ Enoshima (round trip)>

Enjoy art at Riviera Zushi Marina and take photos at an extraordinary location reminiscent of overseas.

[11:45 Zushi → Enoshima]
Enjoy art viewing, lunch, and a walk in Enoshima

[14:45 Enoshima → Zushi]
Return to Zushi by boat and have tea time.Then I went for a walk in Kamakura.

③<Zushi → Enoshima (one way)>

Enjoy cafes and art at the photogenic Riviera Zushi Marina

[11:45 Zushi → Enoshima]

Enjoy art viewing, lunch, and a stroll in Enoshima.

Walk to Enoshima Station (21 minutes) and take the train to Kamakura (24 minutes)

④<Enoshima → Zushi (one way)>

Once you've made it to Enoshima, enjoy Shonan to its fullest from the sea.

[14:45 Enoshima → Zushi]

Enjoy tea time, photo time, and outdoor installations at Riviera Zushi Marina, which is reminiscent of an overseas resort.

First come first served, reservation required
[Shonan International Art Festival ~Cruising~]

Landing by boat from the sea!sea ​​taxi
<Riviera Zushi Marina/Enoshima Yacht Harbor> One way or round trip

Applications have closed

[Date] November 11th Sat. Limited
[Fare] One way: 3,000 yen Round trip: 5,000 yen
[Time required] Approximately 35 minutes
*Please pay in cash at each harbor front on the day.
*Please note that departure may be canceled in case of stormy weather.


Departure time




Riviera Zushi Marina → Enoshima Yacht Harbor



Enoshima Yacht Harbor → Riviera Zushi Marina


Mineo Kobe

Western painter
Koji Kinutani

建築 家
Kengo Kuma

Ikuyo Nakamichi

・Sebonia Yacht Club member Shoichi Toyama
・Masashi Miyaharu, Deputy Mayor of Fujisawa City
・Sculptor/Nitten member Nobuyuki Ogata
・Fusako Nagashima
・Tomoko Yoshida