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Handling of personal information in input forms

We collect and store personal information in accordance with JIS Q 15001: 2006 "Measures for Directly Obtaining Information from the Person in writing", as described in a to h below.


Business operator handling personal information Riviera Co., Ltd. Representative Director 渡 Watanabe

Osamu Takayama, Personal Information Protection Manager
TEL: 03-3981-3239

Purpose of use ① Respond to inquiries or requests


We will not provide the acquired personal information to third parties without your consent.


The acquired personal information may be entrusted to a home delivery company for business purposes.


The person who enters the information has the right to request the personal information protection manager of the Company to disclose his / her information, such as confirming the contents of the input, and to request correction / deletion for errors. If necessary, please contact our personal information protection administrator. See b above for contact information.


All items for which we obtain personal information are provided by "customer's will". Please confirm the contents of services etc. obtained by inputting personal information before inputting. In addition, if all or part of the required US-marked items are missing, you cannot submit from the input form.


We do not collect personal information in a way that the individual cannot easily recognize (such as obtaining cookie information).

The handling of personal information obtained in the input form is for the purpose of c above, and will not be used outside of this purpose.