Koajiro no Mori is one of Kanto's leading fireflies, and it is in full bloom to appreciate fireflies. During the period from May 23rd Thu. to June 2nd Sun., it is open from 18:21 to 1:XNUMX at night and you can see a fantastic sight. Fireflies spending their larvae in the water cannot live without a clean river throughout the year and illuminate the Koajiro forest with a gentle light. The staff of the riviera also volunteers as guides so that everyone can watch it safely. Why don't you take a stroll through the fantastic night forest where countless lights dance in the evening lights?

Koajiro Forest

Koajiro Forest boasts a vast area of ​​about 70ha facing Sagami Bay at the tip of the Miura Peninsula.
It is said to be the only natural environment in the Kanto region where forests, wetlands, tidal flats, and the sea are left in a row, and many organisms including rare species inhabit. From late May to early June, you can enjoy a fantastic landscape where many fireflies blink every year.