From 1950 to 2020 years

From Shiraunkaku to Riviera Tokyo

We, Riviera Tokyo, opened as a restaurant "Hakuunkaku" in 1950, and in 2020 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the opening.
― “Yui” ― We ask for your continued patronage so that we can connect the past and the future, tradition and innovation, and further connect with our customers.

Riviera Tokyo History


January 23rd officially registered to open Baiyunkaku
Opened a restaurant, Hakuunkaku, at the current location in Nishi-Ikebukuro. Mt.Fuji was able to face Rikkyo University at the time and named it "Hakuunkaku" from "Hakuun shelf draw"

From 1953 years

The luxurious style of taking a bath while loving the garden of the waterfall before going to the feast attracted repercussions, and Ranpo Edogawa and Foreign Minister Ogasawara traveled many times as regular customers. Many customers from Ikebukuro as well as from Asakusa and Nihonbashi gathered for a great success.

From 1954 years

The old building of 240 tsubo was burnt down due to a large fire, but continued to operate in the new wing the next day, and then expanded to 1956 tsubo in 1500. The only restaurant in the Johoku district with 32 large and small rooms.


Come to Takamatsu palace
Opened a large banquet hall “Taka no Ma”

From 1960 years

Having a long-established track record and a strong reputation, taking advantage of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the services that provide a full-fledged cooking experience to the taste of Japanese culture and a convenient environment make it an important meeting place for cultural people, scholars, government agencies and large corporations. Gain popularity. From this time, many local people visited the museum and valued the connection with the locals

From 1980 years

In pursuit of a new food culture, such as a summer celebration or a “kaiseki with wine,” the brand has penetrated a highly gourmet-oriented customer base. Leveraging the restaurant's strengths, switch to "kaiseki cuisine", which serves wedding dishes one by one.
`` Kaisei kaiseki '' grows into a long-run event that continues until 2015


Renovated into Japan's first flooring banquet, each floor is renewed every August to pre-empt the style and westernize. From this time, the original style of the proposed Riviera gains popularity


Named Riviera
The current predecessor, Riviera Sakuunkaku, accelerates Westernization


Birth of Anne's House chapel


"Crystal Chapel" is born


Name changed to Riviera Tokyo
Recognized by the Embassy of Ehime Meal in the same year


Riviera Cafe Green Style opened


Closed for 3 months, reopened after extensive renovation


Shonan Beach FM Satellite Studio is born
"Forest Jazz" started
"Lunch time concert" start


"Saryo Riviera Garden" opened


"70th anniversary of Riviera Tokyo"


Riviera Tokyo

Riviera Tokyo

5-9-5 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Riviera Tokyo
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