ISPA Certificate

Yachting is a sport that can be enjoyed all year round.
From the 6st day to the 1nd day, and from the 2nd day to the 2rd day of the 3 days, each time you take the school, the fun increases, and as you improve, you can feel a sense of accomplishment, and you can freely sail on the sea. You will be able to glide safely using the wind.
After graduating, you will be able to set sail together on the sea in various conditions, and if you go to enjoy the scenery and gourmet food that you can't see everyday, you will think, "Let's go on a yacht again."


sail training program

Competent Crew

Competent Crew

ISPA Certificate of Competence Crew Sail

Ability to safely crew a sailboat under 40 feet in good weather

day skipper

day skipper

ISPA Day Skipper Bareboat Certificate of Competence Sail

Ability to safely skipper sailboats under 45 feet in good weather

Costal Skipper

ISPA Coastal Skipper Bareboat Certificate of Competence Sail

Maneuvering skills for overnight cruising on sail boats under 60 feet
* General skill criteria for overnight bareboat charter


ISPA Multihull Bareboat Certificate of Competence Sail

Maneuvering skills for overnight cruising on multihull boats under 60 feet

offshore master

ISPA Offshore Master Certificate of Competence Sail

Capable of sailing on the open sea in all weather conditions, day or night

Ocean Master

ISPA Ocean Master Certificate of Competence Sail

Ship handling skills to cross the ocean in all weather conditions

Overseas/Yacht Cruise & Learn

Overseas/Yacht Cruise & Learn


This is a new style of travel where you can learn how to operate a boat while enjoying authentic yacht cruising on the beautiful seas of places like Croatia and Greece.

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