Trans-Sagami Yacht Race 2021
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Notice of cancellation

Trans-Sagami Yacht Race 2021 will be cancelled

An emergency declaration has been issued in Tokyo, and in Kanagawa Prefecture, a prefecture-specific emergency declaration will be issued from July 22nd to August 22nd.
We are requested to refrain from moving across prefectures, so we are very sorry but the race will be cancelled.

Trans-Sagami Yacht Race 2021 will be canceled on August 22nd Sun. To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Time & Date

2021 August 22nd Sun. Canceled


IRC class / ORC class


JSAF member organization Toyo Shonan
JSAF Member Organization Miura Gayosai Sailing Club
Riviera Resort Club

In cooperation with Unnan City Tourism Association

Seabornia Yacht Club
Zushi Marina Yacht Club

Trans-Sagami Yacht Race 2021

Trans-Sagami Yacht Race 2021 Race Announcement

Application for participation

OSR2020-2021 Declaration [Trans Sagami only] Category 3

Crew registration list/departure declaration

[Important] New Coronavirus infection prevention measures

The day before and the day of the event are spring tides.Please check the tide before entering the port.

Guidance of accommodation in Shimoda


2021 August 8th Sun.

17:00: Deadline for participation

2020 August 15th Sun.

12:00: Deadline for various documents to be submitted
          Delayed application deadline

2020 August 22nd Sun.

06: 00 ~ 08: 15: Boat departure declaration
07:00 ~: Briefing (zoom) * Not obligatory
09:55: Scheduled time for warning signal
24:00: Time limit

Participation Fee

Boat 30,000 yen / delayed application 40,000 yen

Boats participating in both IRC and ORC classes
Boat 50,000 yen / delayed application 60,000 yen

Resona Bank Yokosuka Branch
Account number: Ordinary XNUMX
Account Line: Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
Enter the name of the transfer requester as "name + sale number + boat name"


Start off Shimoda Port → Ashishiro buoyage → Koajiro Bay mouth finish
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Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
Trans-Sagami Yacht Race Secretariat

TEL: 046-882-1286
FAX: 046-881-6120