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Summer Festival & Fireworks at Riviera Seabornia Marina

Event Dates

2017 August 19th Sat.
17:45 opening 18:00 start
Fireworks launch around 20:45

The Riviera Seabornia Marina is scheduled to hold the "Seabornia Summer Festival" today.
At present Miura has been issued a lightning alert, so there is a possibility of sudden lightning and rain.
For your visit, please prepare rain gear etc. at your discretion.
Please check the website for information on the event due to sudden changes in the weather.

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Koajiro1286, Misaki-machi, Miura, Kanagawa, Japan
Riviera Seabornia Marina


Riviera Seabornia Marina Summer Festival Executive Committee



  • Message
    • Attraction
    • Mock shop
    • Food stalls
    • Exhibition booth
    • Band playing
    • Seagull Children's Choir
    • Temiyan live
    • Fun lottery
    • Fireworks