While staying at the Malibu Hotel, take a class exempt from the national examination.Stay with your partner or family at the Malibu Hotel and enjoy a fulfilling resort stay.

Time & Date

Available at any time

Travel with your partner or family!

A luxury plan has been created that allows you to take a national exam exemption course while staying at the Malibu Hotel.Partners and families can stay at the Malibu Hotel together, and companions can enjoy a fulfilling trip.
In addition, in the "graduation cruising" included in the plan, you can charter a boat for 1 day to commemorate your license acquisition and cruising with your family and friends for the first time!This is a special course where you can experience a life with a ship in luxury.
Please use the plan unique to Riviera Zushi Marina that you can not do anywhere else.

Graduation cruising (with lunch on board)

Cruising that is usually only available to members.
You can charter a boat for a day to commemorate your license.
Why don't you invite your family and friends to experience the luxury of having a boat?


・ Chartered short cruising (3h)
・ Private yoga

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Riviera Zushi Marina Harbor Front

TEL: 0467-24-1000