Time & Date

2023 May 21st Sun.


Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. / Riviera Resort Club
Love Ocean (NPO Riviera Future Creation Project)


Kanto District Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Kanagawa Prefecture / Miura City (planned)

Planning cooperation

Yokosuka Coast Guard Department


Pleasure boats and cruiser yachts that do not interfere with legal navigation
Portable boats (excluding kayaks, SUPs, and rowing boats)

Riviera Fishing Master
Entry form

Competition method

The red sea bream division is the weight of one fish, and the mackerel division is the total weight of three fish.However, if the weight is the same, the one with the longest body length will be ranked higher.

  • The target fish in the red sea bream division is only red sea bream (not applicable to small sea bream, yellow sea bream, black sea bream, parrotfish, etc.)
    The target fish in the horse mackerel division is only the horse mackerel (striped horse mackerel, mara mackerel, blue mackerel, etc. are excluded).
    It is possible to enter in one category for each, or to enter in both categories. (No need to declare in advance)

clean fishing

Participating boats must be weighed to pick up plastic waste at sea.
There is no quantity limit.Please collect at the location designated by the weighing station.We will send you a special garbage bag in advance.
Please bring back any garbage (fishing lines, hooks, tackle, containers, etc.) generated by your own boat.

Tournament flag

Be sure to display the competition flag.
If more than 1 people are on board, there are two teams and two flags must be displayed.


Free start from each home port

Fishing area

Within 5 miles of coast

Entry call

Please contact the secretariat by phone between 6:30 and 8:30 on the day of departure.
If you do not contact us, it will be considered as cancellation.

Calibration time


  • Punctuality If you miss the weighing time, you will be disqualified.

  • Time may be advanced depending on the weather on the day.

Calibration complex

Riviera Seabornia Marina special venue (anchoring mooring in Koajiro Bay *Details will be announced separately) If you return to your home port without calling at Riviera Seabornia Marina, please be sure to notify the secretariat.If we do not hear from you, we will consider it as a distress and contact the relevant ministries.

Participation fee (Party fee is not included) 

1 yen per team (up to 16,000 participants)

  • If there are 5 or more competitors on board the boat, 2 teams will participate, and 2 teams will participate in the competition.
    cost is required.
    Portable boat 1 team 8,000 yen (up to 2 competitors)

    Even if it is a portable boat, if 3 to 4 competitors are on board, the fee is 1 yen per team.
    Only this tournament includes the flag fee.This flag will be used for the next and subsequent events.If you don't have a flag when you participate after the next time, please purchase it.

party expenses

Competitors: 1 yen per person (up to 2,000 people per team / up to 1 portable boats)

[Example of participation fee]
16,000 team: Competition participation fee 4 yen + party fee 8,000 yen for 24,000 people, total XNUMX yen
Portable boat: Competition participation fee 8,000 yen + party fee 2 yen for 4,000 people, total 12,000 yen
An additional 1 yen will be charged for each person attending the party.

How to book?

Please enter using the entry form below.

  • If you choose bank transfer in the entry, please transfer the total of the participation fee and the party fee within 7 days after the entry.

Entry form


Financial institution

Resona Bank Yokosuka Branch

account number

Ordinary 2138995

Account name

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.

  • Please use the transfer name as "team name + representative name".
    Please bear the transfer fee.

Application deadline

May 14th Sun. Until 18:00.

For administrative reasons, please apply as early as possible.Participation fee and party fee cannot be refunded after the deadline.

1st to 10th Surprise Prize

Award ceremony party

13: 00 ~ 
Poolside in the Riviera Seabornia Marina


All responsibility for the safety or accidents (death, injury, sinking, damage, etc.) of the crew and hull of the participating boats shall be borne by the participating boats, and the organizers and related organizations shall not be held responsible.

Whether or not to hold the tournament

The availability of weather forecasts will be determined at 12:00 the day before the tournament and will be announced on the website. After 12:00, you can also check by phone to the secretariat.
There is no backup date, so if the tournament is cancelled, we will refund the amount paid in advance minus the administrative fee of 1,000 yen.We will inform you about the refund method separately.

Notes and requests

In Koajiro Bay of Riviera Seabornia Marina, many member boats and rowing boats moor and enjoy fishing.Please be careful with towing waves.
Please follow the instructions of the marina staff when anchoring in Koajiro Bay.Marina staff will pass the boat after anchoring.
Be sure to wear a life jacket during the competition and when passing the ship for weighing.


In order to maintain fisheries resources, part of the competition entry fee will be donated to the Kanagawa Fisheries Association and the Blue Carbon Belt.
Donated to the Riviera Institute.

Meeting secretariat

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. 238 Koajiro, Misakicho, Miura 0225-1286
Riviera Fishing Master Tournament Secretariat
Phone 046-882-1286 FAX. 046-881-6120
E-mail seabornia@riviera.co.jp

Use of parking lot

If you come to the Riviera Seabornia Marina by car for a party, etc., the parking fee is 1,000 yen per car per day.Please pay at the entrance.

Contact Us

E-mail: seabornia@riviera.co.jp

*If you have any questions, please contact the event secretariat by e-mail.