Time & Date

2023June 11th Sun.
Shonan Race held concurrently in June

Time & Date

2023June 11th Sun.
Shonan Race held concurrently in June


JSAF Member Organization Miura Gayosai Sailing Club
Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
NPO Riviera Future Creation Project

LoveOcean Clean Sailing Regatta

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Love Ocean Clean Sailing Regatta

Shonan Race held concurrently in June


  1. A boat approved by the race committee with a valid Vessel Verification on the day of the race.

  2. Boats with yacht boat insurance with coverage in effect on the day of the race.

  3. IRC classes are boats with valid IRC certificates and ORC classes are boats with valid ORC certificates.


  1. It is divided into OPEN class, IRC class, and ORC class.
    Please be sure to indicate which class you would like to attend when you register.
    Double entry is allowed for IRC class and ORC class.
    Boats that have obtained an IRC/ORC rating certificate should submit a copy of the certificate when participating for the first time or when there is a change in the certificate value.

How to apply

  1. Please complete the online registration on the page and attach the required documents and enter at least XNUMX days before the race.
    Please pay the entry fee in advance by bank transfer or at the race office during reception hours on the race day.

    [Application Deadline] June 2023 Fri. 9:17, 00

  2. Required documents

    1. Copy of valid rating certificate (IRC class/ORC class)

    2. A copy of a valid pleasure boat insurance insurance card

Participation Fee

  1. Race participation fee

    30ft: 8,000 yen (JSAF non-registered boat 10,000 yen)
    31-35ft: 8,500 yen (JSAF non-registered boat 10,500 yen)
    36-40ft: 9,000 yen (JSAF non-registered boat 11,000 yen)
    Over 41ft: 9,500 yen (JSAF non-registered boat 11,500 yen)
    *Additional entry fee of 3,000 yen for double entry for IRC class and ORC class
    *If you enter at the same time as the Shonan race, the entry fee for the Shonan race will not be charged.

  2. In case of bank transfer, please transfer to the following account by June 9th Fri.

  3. Transfer destination of participation fee

    Resona Bank Yokosuka Branch
    Normal XNUMX
    Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.


2023June 11th Sun.


Crew registration list and departure report acceptance period


warning signal
The start may be divided into two times depending on the number of participating boats.

2023June 18th Sun.

Awards Ceremony (Riviera Zushi Marina) Time undecided

Sailing instructions

Sailing Instructions, Crew Registration List and Departure Declaration Forms will be posted on this site until May 30th Mon.


Akiya Offshore Up and down course 2 races

How to calculate grades

  1. OPEM class: Time-on-time method based on tournament-specific ratings.

  2. IRC class: Time on Time method by TCC.

  3. ORC class: Time on time method with triple number.

3st place to XNUMXrd place in each class

Tournament executive committee

Executive Committee

Executive Chairman: Satoshi Yokokawa (Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.)
Vice Executive Committee Chairperson: Yoichi Iijima (Chairman of Miura Ocean Sailing Club)
Race Committee Chairperson: Munenori Arashima (Miura Gaoyang Sailing Club Race Committee Chairperson)
Protest Committee Chairperson: Hikaru Igarashi (Miura Ocean Sailing Club Rules Committee)

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Contact Us

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. Seabornia Marina Race Secretariat

238 Koamidai, Misaki-cho, Miura-shi, Kanagawa 0225-1286, Japan
Inside the Riviera Seabornia Marina

TEL: 046-882-1286
FAX: 046-881-6120

E-mail: yachtrace@riviera.co.jp