Currently, rocky shores (sea desertification) are spreading in the oceans due to rising water temperatures due to global warming.The loss of sea forests, which are the source of the food chain and where fish lay their eggs, is seen as a problem from the perspective of protecting rich fishing grounds and marine biodiversity, and there is an urgent need to restore seaweed beds.

Furthermore, increasing seaweed beds will absorb and fix carbon dioxide, which is known as blue carbon, which is attracting attention around the world.This plays an important role in curbing global warming.

At Riviera, we are the first in Japan to work on regenerating seaweed beds within a marina, and at the same time we are proposing a blue carbon belt, with the aim of connecting seaweed bed regeneration in a belt-like manner and spreading it throughout Japan.To this end, we are first starting a blue carbon belt called Shonan Blue Carbon in collaboration with people working on seaweed bed restoration in Sagami Bay.