Customers coming by car

Yokohama Yokosuka Road Zushi IC-Zuba Shindo Nagashibashi Intersection Turn Left 500m Stirrup Hayama Port Entrance Signal Turn Right 200m

Information on parking area


129 (including 3 for mini cars and 4 for physically disabled), with space for motorcycles
* There is no space for large vehicles with long bodies such as buses

Utilization time

Whole year 5: 00-22: 00


Price (1 hour)

Fee (maximum amount per day)

Normal car (general)

310 yen

1,550 yen

Regular car (facility user)

310 yen

840 yen

Large vehicles (general): Note

630 yen

3,150 yen

Large vehicles (facility users): Note

630 yen

1,680 yen

Motorcycles (general)

160 yen

800 yen

Motorcycles (facility users)

160 yen

420 yen

Note:What is a "normal car" in this parking lot?Height less than 2.5mVehicles (including incidental equipment such as roof boxes)Height over 2.5mVehicles are automatically detected as "large vehicles".Not the length of the car bodyPlease note that.There is no parking space for long-body vehicles such as buses.

All prices include tax. The usage fee has been revised from October 2019st in 1.
Vehicles with a height of 2.1 m or more cannot use the first floor of the multi-storey car park.Please use the outdoor parking lot.
The payment method is cash only.Currency exchange is not possible at the management office.
Facility users are ship users and conference room users.
If you have a physical disability certificate, mental disability insurance welfare certificate, nursing certificate or Kanagawa electric vehicle certification card, the above fee will be half the price.
Incidentally,Facility use and discount reception of notebooks etc.Only before deliveryPossibleis.Please bring your parking ticket (and notebook / certification card) to the management office.No discounts or refunds will be given after delivery.
Please note that the morning market is held on Sundays, so congestion is expected.

By train or bus

Keikyu Line Zushi / Hayama Station South Exit ⇒ 2nd bus stop Around the coast bound for "Hayama (Z12)" "Hayamacho Welfare Cultural Center (Z11)" ⇒ Get off at "Stirrard" stop 3 minutes on foot

JR Zushi Station East Exit ⇒ Bus No. 3 bus stop Around the coast "Hayama (Z12)" "Hayamacho Welfare Cultural Center (Z11)" ⇒ 3-minute walk from "Stirrard" stop

General Inquiries



[Phoneephone reception]
September to June (July and August weekdays) 9:6 to 7:8
July-August (Sat, Sun, Holidays) 7: 8-7: 30

[Regular holiday]