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The story of a senior couple

A masterpiece! With a huge welcome tree as a symbol,
A two-part wedding party with great attention to detail


Ceremony / 2016 May 14th

Venue / Gallery Oasis

The two met by the introduction of a common friend. A beautiful bride smiling to the sincere groom. The two-part wedding was prepared for such a match. The first part is to share your gratitude to your relatives. The second part is for your friends to have a moment to enjoy together. Please have a look at this wonderful report that warms you.

  • `` Flower shower '' receiving warm blessings from relatives
  • An oasis in the city! Group photo of a garden under natural light
  • Display important items fashionably!
  • A moment of happiness! "Last byte" from mother
  • Part 2 party with friends

The "Welcome Tree", born from both ideas, delights the eyes of guests and makes a great success!

The first thing that caught the eye of the guests entering the venue was the large welcome tree that could reach the ceiling. Around the area, two special items are coordinated with good taste, and entertained guests entertain. In addition, the branch is also decorated with pictures of two memories, and guests who capture the situation in the camera ... This tree decoration is an important wedding item filled with their commitment. "Healing in space" was added by incorporating green, and it was a very active tree.

Excellent sense! `` Flower coordination '' made with popular pastel colors

The flower that colored the venue is a popular pastel color. Coordinating the entire venue based on the colors of the paper items that the two liked. In a pure white venue, the elegant flower arrangement shines beautifully, like a castle ball. It was a perfect match for a bride's wedding dress or a pale blue cocktail dress, and there were plenty of parts to set as examples.

Ask the four "cute guests" to make a toast!

After the groom's welcome speech, sparkling wine was poured into your glasses. From the moderator, the announcement of the guest introduction requesting to make a toast... four cute children appeared there. A smile spilled into the venue instantly, and the tense air became warm. It's a family-oriented party, so it's a reality. It was a wonderful surprise event for both children and dads and moms, a treasure for their lives.

Loud cheers from guests! Let the venue shine in the full starry sky

The lights in the venue began to be turned off one after another just before they were re-entered. And the next moment, the starry sky is on the high ceiling! In this sight, the venue swells and cheers. In fact, it's a “starlight” production that comes true only in this venue. In this beautiful scene, the guest's voltage surged at a stroke, and the moment they came out of the curtain, a bigger blessing was sent, and the venue was wrapped in a sense of unity.