TOTAL SUPPORT Reliable support

A Riviera wedding that values ​​your feelings above all.
Experienced professionals form a team for each, shape dreams and commitments,
We will also propose a wonderful production.

Experienced and experienced professionals at Riviera produce a total.

Bride's Beauty

Dresses, hair makeup, etc.
With delicate support unique to directly managed salons
Grant your longing bride.

DRESS syndrome

You can always meet a fateful dress
It's like a luxury private wardrobe

The Riviera dress salon offers a wealth of fashionable seasonal dresses and accessories.
A stylist who knows the venue will advise on a selection appropriate for you.
Please repeat the fitting to your heart's content in a relaxing space.

Wedding dress


We have a large collection from classical designs to the latest trends. We are particular about materials, silhouettes and details.

Color dress


A color dress that can express your identity. Specialized coordination, with particular attention to selecting accessories that match the theme and venue.



The finest kimono purchased directly from Kyoto colors the bride elegantly. Styling from the orthodox to the modern style is at your disposal.

Many dress accessories are available to suit various styles of dress.

Many stylish dress accessories and men's accessories are also available.

Staff voice

The bride and groom come to the dress salon every time to enjoy their costumes. The moment when you and your coordinator, "This is it!" The groom smiles when she sees the bride's dress for the first time.



The Riviera-owned dress salon offers a wide variety of classic and trendy dress salons. In addition, in order to receive new dresses several times a year, we will always offer the best ones for the two from the latest trend lineup.
Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 5-9-5 Riviera Tokyo 2F
Phone 03-3981-3236 * Dress salon direct


Magic the bride to bring out the best beauty
"Bobbie Brown" Bride Makeup

The make-up of the prestigious NY-born brand "Bobbie Brown" is a special one that only the Riviera can offer.
We will make the most of its beauty and create a natural yet gorgeous style.



About a month before the wedding, a hair and makeup artist will give counseling while asking the bride's wishes. Only the Riviera-exclusive artist can propose the most beautiful styles, focusing on everything such as the image you envision, the face line and whole body balance, the design of the dress, and the appearance at the venue. The completed photos and records will be shared by all staff until the day.

Bride's Room

Bride's Room

We provide a private space so that the bride can relax on a busy day. You can spend a luxurious mood when you prepare and recolor.



Bobby Brown, a NY-born makeup brand that boasts tremendous support from Hollywood stars and supermodels.

Riviera Beauty Support 2

Staff voice

The moment the bride is prepared and meets the groom. Those who say, "It's beautiful. It's good!" And those who can't look at their faces with shyness. The groom's reaction is varied, but it is a place where the happy expression of both is born.



A make-up studio that allows the bride to relax. Feel free to contact your artist if you have any questions or concerns, as well as requests. We will support with all your heart so that you can greet the production with peace of mind.


A flower production that expresses the uniqueness of both.
Photos and movies that spell memories of guests.
We will deliver everything of high quality.


Turn your dreams and longings into shape
One wedding flower in the world

Exclusive Florist directly managed by the Riviera directs the party venue the most wonderfully.
The coordination created by sharing the feelings of the two and taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the venue,
Attracts guests with the beauty that can be realized only by a directly managed flower studio.

BOUQUET bouquet


It also goes well with party themes and dress designs. Create a bouquet of your choice by bundling seasonal flowers and your favorite flowers.

HEAD DRESS headdress


Small items such as headdresses made from the same flower materials as the bouquet are also arranged in total. It is also fashionable to match flower decorations with kimono.

COORDINATE venue coordination


Thorough quality control so that the space can be produced in a beautifully blooming state. On the day, set just before and welcome you with fresh flowers.


Florist asks the story directly to create the design picture, from the image and concept color, the flower material and the vase that they both envision to their heart. A unique and special flower presentation will be the ultimate hospitality for your precious guests.



Staff voice

We produce flower decorations and bouquets that meet the wishes of both of them with sincerity. Depending on the color and design of the flowers, the atmosphere changes drastically even at the same venue, so it is always exciting to make and set up.


Forever, every moment of happiness
A photograph that will become a treasure of a lifetime

Let's keep the natural expressions of both guests and the moment of joy and excitement.
The photographer who knows the Riviera will shoot the best shot full of live feeling.
A variety of plans are also available, including commemorative photos with family members, albums, and panels.


In addition to the album, a variety of items such as panels and welcome boards that can be hung on the wall are available.


Another wedding day with a bride, a plan for taking pictures before. It is attractive to be able to shoot natural expressions of just two people at various locations that can not be easily left on the day of the wedding. You can relax and have fun while talking with the photographer.

Photo taken before


Staff voice

The rewarding moment of photographing an important wedding is when we shoot the two shining smiles. Do not miss a photo opportunity. I want to give them a photo that you can keep forever.



From studio photography to location shooting inside the hall, we leave memories with our skilled technology. Experienced in Japanese dress photography. It is safe to wear the kimono at the time of shooting while keeping it in order. In addition, it is possible for the family to come to the commemorative photo after the wedding.
Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 5-9-5 Riviera Tokyo 2F
Phone 03-3981-3249 * Photo studio direct


Spin the two stories like a movie
Cinema filled with many thoughts

Keeping important scenes beautiful. Don't miss an unexpected expression, a warm smile or tears.
A video production team familiar with the venue took a vivid picture of the two with special equipment used for movies.
I will make it a work that I want to see again and again.
It is also possible to edit the preparation of the day and the actual performance and show it at the last party.

CINEMA cinema

Sane Day Edit

You can edit the preparation scene and wedding pattern of the day on the same day and screen it according to the climax of the reception. Using special shooting equipment that is also used in movies and music videos, the dedicated director carefully spins out the "things" that are typical of both.

High-quality editing and screening on the day


Staff voice

I think the decisive difference between movies and photos is the live feeling. For example, at the moment when the groom and his father, who sends out his beloved daughter, shake hands firmly, his eyes tell the story. And the bride watching it. The innocent appearance of the children attending. It is the real pleasure of the video to be able to leave the precious and shining scenes that you want to keep with beautiful and unaltered expressions.


Customer joy is our joy.
Snuggle up with each person's thoughts
I will do my best to welcome you.


Create a time where everyone can smile
Riviera service style

Prior to the party, all service staff will share customer information, such as the progress of production, directing, and allergy handling.
In addition, an exclusive sommelier proposes the best drink for each person's taste and cuisine.
We promise a time and space that everyone can relax and enjoy.

Service 1

Before the party, all service staff share information. We will individually respond to allergies and check production in advance.
In addition, there are many sommeliers, and we will propose the best drink for your meal.

Service 2

Staff voice

After the meeting with the bride and groom, all staff will repeatedly practice, such as serving food, sound and lighting, on the day of the wedding. We play an important role in hosting guests as a substitute for them. To progress through various programs in a limited amount of time. And we value everybody's relaxation.


There are many waiting spaces for guests so that you can spend a comfortable waiting time. We will guide you according to the venue.

Guest space information See the picture of the dress

GUEST SPACE Enriched in the hall. Relaxing guest space

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