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The story of a senior couple

I have been with you for 11 years. `` Wealthy WEDDING '' that comes true because they are perfect for two

Wataru Nakamura, Ai Tomita

Ceremony / 2016 January 23rd

Venue / Gallery Oasis

I met as a classmate when I was in the first year of high school. This is my eleventh year with me. The bride and groom, who are caring and gentle, and have a nice smile with a bright smile, are very suitable couples. These two were prepared for a heartwarming wedding that incorporates “gastronomy” and “light blue coordination”. Please take a look at a nice report that shows the kindness of both of you.

Venue used

  • Break your happiness with Bouquet Pulls & Broccolitos
  • The stairs will be displayed as a gallery in a kimono fitting the name of the venue
  • The opening VTR recreates the time of the encounter and shoots in uniform!
  • No way! Bride challenges Bixspoon
  • I want to set an example! Bridesmaid costumes that match the theme color

Original wedding "Twelve roses public ceremony" to connect with guests

The stage of the wedding is a public ceremony at the magnificent “Crystal Chapel” made of glass. In the past, in Europe and the United States, there is a legend that "If you give 12 roses to your lover, you will be happy." An original ceremony based on this wonderful myth is "12 Roses Serving". Each rose had a special meaning and the two were welcomed by the roses delivered by 12 guests.

12 roses

Excellent sense! Coordinating with "light and beautiful light blue" suitable for January's WEDDING

The theme color chosen by the two is a gentle and beautiful color that resembles a “light blue” snowflake. Table decorations, candles, and paper items have a unified feeling, and the venue is beautifully coordinated. It was perfect for the atmosphere of both of them, and guests praised them as “nice” and “cute”.


Re-entry is admired stairs & curtains! The moment of becoming one with the guest in a popular production

Admission from the stairs, once admired by brides. This is the only venue. Of course, they both changed into nice tuxedo and cocktail dresses and appeared dashingly! A big cheer comes up from inside the venue. Then, the next moment, a big laugh ... In fact, the groom's back had a lemon-sour tank like two who love alcohol.

Popular production

Wonderful surprise project "Public proposal with handmade bouquet"

The party is finally climax. At that time, an image was projected on the screen in the venue. There, the groom goes to buy an artificial flower by himself, and a bouquet for the second party is handmade with an unfamiliar hand ... The bride is just surprised at the sudden surprise! And the bouquet completed here appears. Then the groom's public proposal was performed while being shy. A very impressed bride. Of course, Jesus responds by inserting the boutonniere into the groom's breast pocket!

Nice surprise
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