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The story of a senior couple

Gorgeous and elegant surprise wedding!

Hayao Aoyagi and Sato Sato

Hayao Aoyagi and Satomi Sato

Ceremony / September 2015nd, 22

Venue / Modernika

Two people that I got to know from a friend four years ago. The theme of the party is "Gorgeous and elegant surprise wedding!" Also pay attention to the surprising surprise production at the reception, the space like two people and gorgeous coordination!

Venue used

  • Crystal chapelBlessed with a crystal chapel full of transparency
  • GardenAfter the wedding, take a group photo in the open garden
  • Table coordinationWith table coordination like two people
  • roast beefPopular roast beef buffet
  • Flower coordinationGorgeous flower coordination to decorate the venue

Bouquettos in the open garden

After the wedding, we gathered in the open garden "Saint Remy de Provence". Surrounded by olive trees and colorful scented flowers, a commemorative photo with the guests and a bouquet toss were held. The tension of the wedding was relieved, and the guests seemed to enjoy chatting and spending time with them.


Guests are surprised by the silver fountain

When the two re-entered the room, they fired around the guest's table and suddenly fireworks broke out in front of the guest. The guests were amazed at the very gorgeous and powerful production. At the table round, it seems that the conversation with the guests and the distance from each other have been reduced.

Silver fountain

Macaron tower that brilliantly colors the venue

Along with the cheers of the guests, the two original macaron towers appeared. And the sword was done. The Macaron Tower is said to be a model of the traditional French wedding cake "Crocan Bush," which is made by stacking cream in a conical shape with a macaron. I made the venue more gorgeous.

Macaroon tower

What is the surprise proposal?

I'm surprised that entertainment will start. For this purpose, the groom went to Sendai, the home of the bride, and prepared a video with a message from the person who was associated with it. After the screening, the bride was also surprised by the proposal with 108 red roses. The venue was filled with a very warm atmosphere as a boutonniere was gently pulled out of a single flower and placed in the groom's pocket.

Surprise proposal
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