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The story of a senior couple

Garden barbecue wedding lively on the terrace!

Masakazu Imamura, Yuko Yoshino

Wedding Day / August 2015th, 8

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

They love barbecue with their friends. Even better, if you make the reception a barbecue, guests may get excited ... and plan a buffet style barbecue! We will deliver a wedding scene with a friendly atmosphere of all participants.

Venue used

  • Tension, wedding ceremony in a nervous chapel
  • Smile with everyone!
  • The bride's middle seat is with the groom's parents. Best regards from now on
  • Fantastic with candles when re-entering the terrace
  • The guests are really enjoying it too!

The first surprise is the tuna dismantling show!

The guest's greeting was over, the cake entered ... and I thought it was a big big tuna! At first, guests who were modest gathered around the tuna with a camera in one hand and snapped up the dismantling show! When you take out the big toro and show it to everyone, applause and cheers! Of course, this fresh tuna was later on the table and was so popular that it quickly disappeared.

From the terrace with their re-entry ...!

The curtains on the terrace gradually came up and appeared with the two of them who were re-colored. The atmosphere was just like a barbecue, and the terrace was filled with guests at once, and the bustling voice overflowed throughout the terrace.

A time to spend on the terrace, an unforgettable scene

Guests who enjoy the buffet-style hamaki baked deliciously, as well as those who frankly gather around the bride and groom to chat with each other. The bride and groom were also completely relaxed, and the act with skewers as the ears ☆ The gentle breeze of dusk blows comfortably, making it a memorable moment.

Celebrate this day together today! Birthday & Anniversary

A gift is prepared for guests who have a birthday and a wedding anniversary on the same day from two friends. Suddenly a voice came out, and some guests were surprised at what it was. There are many places where you want to please everyone.

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