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The story of a senior couple

Let's have fun together! Okinawa style with plenty of affection for guests! ? Large party ★

Yuki Chinen, Asami Nishikawa

Ceremony / June 2015th, 27

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

A groom from Okinawa with a full smile, like the sun illuminating the area, and a bride with a gentle smile. The two ceremonies were held in Okinawa and reported to a friend, casually having a public ceremony on the terrace under the blue sky. After that, we have been preparing for a grand reception, surrounded by important family and friends, with appreciation to our guests. It was a fun party with a smile, a love and humanity.

Venue used

  • Two people enter from the gate to the terrace where guests wait
  • After the terrace public, enjoy a welcome drink and go to the party venue
  • A cute Shisa on the wedding cake ★ After your mother's last byte, take a first step to your two new steps!
  • After recoloring, walk back on the candlelight road on the terrace and re-enter surprise!
  • After a group photo on the terrace, the bride is very excited about the bouquet!
  • Enjoy a chat on the terrace while enjoying the dessert buffet ★
  • With the groom's signal, everyone dances Okinawan kashiashy, and while they aren't chilling, they'll be happy!

The public ceremony on the Mandarin Terrace is watched by guests under the blue sky

The two have already finished their wedding in Okinawa, the hometown of the groom. Report of marriage to a friend is not a chapel but a public ceremony at Mandarin Terrace because of the desire to be a little more casual. The ceremony of the two vows took place in a refreshing manner, with a warm watch from many guests.

Table coordinates add cuteness to marine taste ★

Coordination of the popular "Romantic Resort" by the Riviera Florist. Normally, the colors are blue and white, but they are changed to cute colors based on pink. A pale pink hydrangea, which is only available during this season, accentuated the marine coordinate system up a notch. The attached torsion is pale blue that goes well with pink. By mixing the colors, a more stylish atmosphere is realized.

After the cake cut, a “last byte” by the mother with a surprise

The last bite is a ceremony that says, "Mother will give me last as a child." With a feeling of gratitude to my mother, I asked for a surprise. Mother looks very happy! The groom gave me a relentless (?) Oversized bite dynamically!

Guests can smile with a lot of sweets prepared on the terrace

After a group photo on the terrace or a bouquet, the sweets time you've been waiting for. The two donuts in Okinawa that were originally prepared in the dessert buffet menu, and the voice of joy, "Oh! Sata andagi!" And enjoyed it.

From the planner in charge-With sincere thanks to you two-

Congratulations on this time. You are preparing to have the guests enjoy and feel the atmosphere of Okinawa and the resort. On the day of the event, I saw the two of them taking pictures with a smile with the guests, and I was very happy. Yuki always smiles and gentle, Asami has a nice and warm personality and a nice smile. It was a great honor to meet them and help them with their important day. Please stay with us for a long time!

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