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The story of a senior couple

The first date & proposal place is "Aquarium"! A wedding with the theme of "sea"

Akira Yatsu and Chihiro Nishida

Ceremony / 2015 February 28th

Venue / balcony suite

The two met through the "Taikobe" nursery school. Lovely bride with a smile to the sincere groom. A wedding with a theme of "sea" was prepared for such a match. Please take a look at a wonderful report that is dexterous, handmade and full of ideas.

Venue used

  • Led by a cute “flower girl”! Time of blessing
  • "Happy splitting" in a green garden
  • Good friends forever! To recolor with your favorite family
  • Fogged glass instantly becomes transparent! A venue for bold appearance
  • Popular! Dessert buffet time

The theme color is refreshing blue! Direct the fashionable “sea” of memories

A blue x white paper pom pom is displayed near the window of the second room. Draws a beautiful contrast with the green of the garden that you can see outside, making it a fashionable feeling. The wedding day is set on the table in blue sand. The space unified in transparent blue gives a sense of "sea", and female guests cheer, and the idea is a great success!

unique! The opening VTR introduces itself with two handwritten illustrations!

Finally, the party starts. At the venue, the opening VTR was shown on the screen. Then, the appearance of the two drawing the illustration is shown, and the guests are interesting. As expected, two nursery teachers. Write each other's faces well and put your self-introduction on illustrations. Editing was done by the bride's sister, and the guests were surprised at the high degree of perfection.

A popular wedding tree overseas! Using the motif of "Suimy" in a picture book

In the United States and overseas weddings are generally performed "wedding tree". A guest stamps a leafless branch to complete a single tree. Inspired by the theme of the picture "Suimy", named after the theme "Sea". Finishing with the story of the picture book, "Black Swimmy" by both hands. It was beautifully completed and showed off to the guests with warm applause.

The encounter "Taiko" appears in the wedding cake!

The staff who came to their own "happi" brought in while the light Soran clause was flowing appeared. In his hand, there is a wedding cake that expresses the two drummers. The venue is excited with a stylish look! And of course, the first bite spoon is an original with a spoon attached to "Taiko no Dachi". With a bee, the pose to take is truly!

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