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The story of a senior couple

Make full use of the features of the party venue. This is an example! How to make a “resort wedding”

Keisuke Nakamura, Yayoi Kaneko

Wedding Day / August 2014th, 30

Venue / Ocean Suite

They were also considering holding overseas and in Okinawa. I want many people to be present. From such thoughts, it became a ceremony and party at the place of memories "Shonan". Even before the ceremony, the worried weather went to the blue sky. We will introduce weddings and parties, such as the model of a resort wedding, which fully utilize the features and charms of the Seaside Riviera as well as the party venue.

Venue used

  • Meet the groom's mother's autographed welcome board and pre-taken photos taken in Taiwan
  • In the blessing flower shower, a happy smile of the bride and groom full of happiness!
  • Of course, the flower arrangement is also resort style. A message to everyone is on the seat bill ...
  • The groom's sister is with the sister and the bride is with her mother and aunt
  • Dance that makes full use of the poolside. Small guests can jump in

Ray public expression

An original ray is prepared at the Lay public ceremony with the cooperation of all the guests. Ray has a meaning such as "connection" or "eternity". Backed by a blue sea, the wedding ceremony was full of tropical moods and was memorable for a lifetime.

The beginning of party time

The party time starts at the open poolside. In the welcome speech from the groom, some guests were far away from China, and they gave a speech in Chinese.
Toast with champagne in the sun, the blue sky and white clouds, and the pleasant sea breeze! This is the beginning of a resort party where you may forget that this is Japan!

Original wedding cake

The original pastry chef's wedding cake with butterflies and flowers is finished according to the drawing.Following the cake sword, a thank-you bite with the meaning of gratitude to the mothers of both families.At the request of the groom, the spoon of the mother of the groom is available in a larger size than usual.

According to sunset time

Sunset time showing a different view of the scenery. A fresh cake buffet is available by the pool. Happy bride and groom.
With a beautiful sunset in the background, it's a good time to chat with everyone and take a commemorative photo. It was a wonderful time to listen to the sound of the waves and watch the quietly changing scenery.

Message from the staff in charge

Congratulations on this time.
From the very first meeting, they had clear visions for weddings and receptions and the second party. Meanwhile, during the meeting, it was a moment when I decided to use the original ray in public, especially when I felt like two people. I don't want it to end for both you and your guests! I think that it was a special day that seemed to be.
Also, if you have the chance to visit this Shonan area, please come and visit the Riviera!

Wedding producer Chihiro Moroboshi

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