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The story of a senior couple

The theme is camping! Style wedding full of ideas

Toshimitsu Takeuchi, Kana Iwato

Ceremony / 2014 April 20th

Venue / Terrace Horizon

Camp is also a common hobby of Toshimitsu and Kana. For those who love the outdoors, they plan a wedding that is full of ideas under the theme of camping. On the day of the party, guests will have a wonderful wedding full of surprises and smiles!

Venue used
Video report 1

  • Original public ceremony using ray full of resort feeling
  • With the help of your uncle, a welcome board suitable for the theme is completed!
  • Nice shot with reception goods prepared by two people
  • To Kana who loves green & reptiles! Ring pillow and head corsage from friend
  • A popular shooting spot in front of the tent

Guests are also surprised! Welcomed camping set

The welcoming guests after the ceremony are ... a camp set set in a waiting space! The guests cheer and smile at the party venue. The expectation for the party that will begin now has risen a lot.

Secret camping goods for the first byte!

What Kana got as her first byte was a scoop, a must-have item in the outdoors! The expression of Toshimitsu who saw the scene was exquisite. After this, gentle Kana changed to a scoop-type spoon and safely took a first bite.

The chatting time is fun outdoors

In front of the tent, a buffet style cake is provided by the two of them. You can enjoy a conversation with two people with one hand of cake on a camping chair or a built-in sofa, or take a commemorative photo, and the chatting time will be exciting with the feeling of petit outdoors.

The ultimate lantern service!

Instead of refilling the candle service, the two introduced a "lantern service" that imagined a campsite at night. Instead of Toshimitsu in a tuxedo, the staff at the venue led the two with Toshimitsu's own camp look. Applause from the venue to that appearance!

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