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The story of a senior couple

Spring, summer, fall and winter hospitality in Japan

Okayama / Yamaoka

Toshihiro Okayama / Maria Yamaoka

Wedding Day / 2015 November 7th

Venue / The Garden

Two people who value the sense of the seasons of each season very much. The party venue was coordinated with various ideas that the two thought. This is a very dexterous bride, Maria, who will introduce a wonderful party with plenty of handmade items.

Venue used

  • Wedding dressA beautiful wedding dress from the front and the back
  • Welcome itemWelcome item①
    Maria's handmade items for the spring, summer, fall and winter wedding trees
  • Spring Summer Autumn WinterWelcome item②
    Display of memories of two memories every spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Autumn leavesTwo tables colored in the image of autumn leaves
  • surpriseSurprise each one of you who is important!

In a comfortable garden surrounded by green like spring

After the wedding, Shouyo and Maria welcome guests in a green garden. The party starts with a casual style of moving the welcome drink to the party venue with one hand, according to your wish for a party that is not too formal!


If you wear a beautiful green dress reminiscent of summer

Maria chose a dress with a striking bright green color. We went to the two tables while doing a ceremony of candle relay at each table. The candle relay, which connects the lights of happiness, is a popular production where guests can participate and the venue becomes one.

Green dress

The party venue is dyed in autumn

The coordination of the party venue will bring you a world of early autumn leaves. Arrange pine cones and red fruits on the guest's table, so you can enjoy autumn in your home. The Riviera Florist is an original masterpiece that incorporates your wishes.

Autumn color

A hot moment in winter! Dessert time in the garden

The wedding cake that the two of them cut into a cake is cut and treated to the guests. The unique charm of The Garden is that you can enjoy a cake buffet in the open garden. Enjoying free time such as dessert time and photo time with cake and tea in one hand.

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