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The story of a senior couple

Deliver early spring. Cherry tree in full bloom! Cherry-blossom viewing wedding


Ceremony / March 2015th, 14

Venue / The Garden

The two who joined in August of last year.I chose this day because I wanted to wait for the "Sakura" season and let the guests enjoy the cherry blossoms a little earlier.We will report on the wedding ceremony and party with the theme of "cherry blossoms", such as bouquets and small gifts for guests, as well as flower decorations.

Venue used
Video report 1

  • Welcome items with plenty of natural taste. The upper right photo is a ring pillow!
  • After the wedding in the garden surrounded by trees, everyone took a commemorative photo.
  • Wedding cake full of strawberries. The first byte ceremony is also exciting
  • After re-entry, take a commemorative photo at each table. Bouquet of "cherry blossoms" of the bride who recolored is an attention target
  • The colorful gift "Sakura Crepa Towel" is a petit gift when you transfer guests, nostalgic for the "Sakura" mark.

Original public ceremony in the garden

A groom who has been dedicated to soccer since childhood and still belongs to the working team as a family. We fully incorporated the elements of soccer into public ceremonies. As a male brother, I want my father who can't walk on Virgin Road to enjoy that feeling. We helped the public ceremony with such feelings of the groom.
With the cooperation of the guests, the wedding tree is completed brilliantly. The wedding ceremony was very warm and unique. This patternThis video.

This is the first collaboration

Bouquets and mini soccer vaults held after the wedding. In the soccer ball toss, the bride raised the toss and the groom shot high in the sky. Cake swords are common, but it was the first collaborative effort that seemed to be two. A wonderful gift is also available for those who have been caught wonderfully.

Declaration of flowering cherry blossoms

Table flowers with the theme of "cherry blossoms" are on each table at the party venue. "Keiozakura" carries spring a little earlier. The guests are excited by the first "Sakura" of this year. The petals floating on the surface of the water were also emotional, and everyone seemed to be drinking at the feast while watching the cherry blossoms.

Surprise gift for grandmother

The bride who is the only girl among the grandchildren. A surprise bouquet is presented to the grandmother who has been cute. When you go to play, a gentle grandmother who will keep looking at you until it disappears. It was a moment when the inside of the venue was surrounded by a whirlpool of excitement, as they were sitting together as they were.

Which is the groom! ?

As you can see, the two faces are exactly the same. The groom chose his surprise uncle as his uncle. One piece after Nakaza, where good friends usually ooze out. By the way, it is often mistaken for parents and children, and when his uncle was fat he seemed to be more alike.

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