Due to popular demand, “Appetizer BAR” will be extended!

Due to popular demand, “Appetizer BAR” has extended its business hours!

Choose from a selection of daily appetizers made with carefully selected seasonal and local ingredients.
A new type of "Appetizer BAR" where you can choose and enjoy your favorite dishes.

We use environmentally friendly blue seafood and RIVIERA recycled vegetables made with our own compost.
We have a lineup of healthy dishes that are based on the concept of ``eating to make your body beautiful from the inside out,'' with consideration to the benefits of pairing them together.
Enjoy our fresh appetizers to your heart's content.

*4/4 Thu. ~ We will no longer be offering this item individually, and will only be available to those who order the lunch set. Thank you for your understanding.

<Appetizer BAR + MAIN COURSE>
3,980 yen (tax included) ~
*10% service charge will be charged in addition to the above price.
*Prices vary depending on the main course

Offer time
11:30-14:30 (14:00 last entry / 14:15 LO)

11:30 / 12:00 / 12:30 / 13:00 / 13:30

Appetizer menu example 
Burrata cheese and strawberry salad
Caesar salad of kale
Smoked duck with chestnut and mushroom salsa
Two-color sweet potato marinated in orange
French roast pork
Mussels marinated in garlic anchovies
RIVIERA grilled vegetables
RIVIERA Circulating Vegetables Soaked Vegetables
and more!