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The story of a senior couple

Delicious hospitality from two of us to our special guests

啓 Keisuke and Megumi Masuda

啓 Keisuke and Megumi Masuda

Wedding Day / 2016 December 3rd

Venue / Grand Blue

Even at meetings, the two refreshing people always talk with a wonderful smile. Involvement in food related to working at a food-related company. See the touching and heartwarming performances of two people who value their friends and relatives.

Venue used
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  • Blessed by everyone at Chapel The Rose
  • Welcome space decorates the welcome board made of bread
  • My favorite meat! Roast beef sword
  • An impressive scene in which the bride's grandfather is given a feeling of thanks with a bouquet
  • A party where the two laughing happily are wonderful

Welcome beer before the party

The guests at the party were welcome beers prepared for the guests. The beer placed on each table excited the chat before the party.

Welcome beer before the party

A part-time job for parents with roast beef.

The two parties are luxurious with roast beef swords. They can start a new life from now on. Surprise to parents from such bride and groom! The father and mother, who were also seniors of the couple, showed us a model part-time job and excite the venue.

Parents' part-time job with roast beef

A nice production where you can enjoy the dishes that will come out.

When the lighting in the venue turned off and the open kitchen lit up attracted attention, Keisuke the groom appeared along with the chef! He was involved in the development of food, and the groom, who talks about cooking with his own cook coat, was wonderful.

A nice production that will make you look forward to the dishes that will come out

Impressive escort.

The re-colored intimate ceremony is a ceremony typical of two people who value their families. The groom holds hands with his grandfather and grandmother. The bride goes to her grandfather's table by herself, gives a bouquet with gratitude, and holds hands with her three brothers. It was a touching act that both families could not help without tears.

Impressive escorts
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