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The story of a senior couple

Coordinate the venue with the theme of Autumn & Japanese! An original wedding with a constant laugh

Yuya Fujita and Nachi Shirai

Yuya Fujita and Nachi Shirai

Ceremony Day / October 2015th, 24

Venue / Grand Blue

Two people who met during the training during the company synchronization. Synchronization and friends-centered parties were full of smiles and laughter, and the mood was always peaceful. A must-see for a wedding created under the theme of Autumn and Japanese, created by two people who plan well and prepare in advance!

Venue used

  • Before the ceremony, the groom and the bride are feeling nervous. It is in contrast
  • Wrapped in a blessing flower shower
  • Bouquets in front of the chapel!
  • Welcome space with original items
  • The handmade chapel made by the groom is a masterpiece

Using the lotus raised by the bride's father

In this season, the theme was chosen as the perfect autumn and Japanese theme, and the venue was coordinated based on red and brown. The flower arrangement on the table is arranged with lotus dried flowers grown by the father of the bride. Color change is crest clothes & color shots. Japanese accessories, paper items, and wedding cakes are also included in the original for the welcome space.

Wedding cake

Cooking with gratitude

I want to eat! It is thought that the selected dish is a course called "Thanks" made by the Riviera. The decisive factor is not only the appreciation of everyone who came to the party, but also the desire to eat delicious Japanese food that matches the atmosphere of the venue. Finished dishes are delivered immediately from the open kitchen!

Open kitchen

Assault interview

When you are enjoying your meal, the moderator starts an assault interview with guests! The groom, which was called the 26th generation head of the tennis circle, and the bride, who loved eating in the basketball club and often bite bread, were in school days.

Assault interview

A warm message from the groom ’s parents

As a surprise, a letter from the groom's parent. Dad tells you when the groom was born and tells you how your parents grew up, as well as the exquisite interaction between father and mother, and all guests smile. And a time full of laughter. The bride also laughed and cried.

A heartwarming message
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