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The story of a senior couple

An at-home party that values ​​the sense of unity with guests

Shinji Yamazaki and Ayumu Asano

Shinji Yamazaki and Ayumu Asano

Wedding Day / January 2015st 31

Venue / Grand Blue

Two people with a very bright atmosphere. I became acquainted through a mutual friend. He said that he was preparing for the reception with the hope that everyone would join in and enjoy it, valuing the sense of unity with the guests. He was very particular about cooking and wanted to provide sincere hospitality. We would like to introduce a lively party with a lot of events at such a home.

Venue used

  • Something Old A necklace given to you by your mother.
  • Something Borrowed (Borrowing something) A flower from a friend who has a happy marriage
  • Something New Wedding ring handmade by the two
  • Something Blue (something blue) Blue rose with the flower word "miracle"

Be happy with four things

The wedding ceremony for the two was held at the "Blue Rose Public Ceremony" incorporating 12 Blue Roses and Something Four. Blue rose is a flower language and means miracle. Something four means that a bride can live a happy life on the day of her wedding. It was a very moving ceremony with the thoughts of everyone in attendance.

Something Four

Take a beer tank and make it a surprise

After the toast, the groom immediately carried a beer tank on his back, and the bride brought a pitcher containing orange juice to each table. The venue is filled with laughter in the appearance of two people like a scene of a baseball field, and the distance with guests seems to have decreased.It was a very peaceful atmosphere.

Beer tank

Great shutter chance

Many guests gathered to photograph this moment of the two of you. While bathing in a lot of cheers and flashes, the two of us enter the cake with a feeling of happiness. A big rice scoop that I have never seen in a first byte from a bride to a groom after cake cutting has appeared. It was very well received by the guests.

First byte

Pay attention to the appearance of the groom! !!

Suddenly the spotlight hit the open kitchen, and the groom in the cock coat appeared there. Everyone at the venue was very surprised. On the other hand, the bride changed color and re-entered from the terrace. The guests voted at the reception to decide what color of the dress to change, but in fact, the groom also saw the dress after the color change for the first time. It is impressive that he looked very happy. After that, the results of the color matching vote for the dresses were announced and the bouquet pulls were also held, which was a guest-participating party.

Bouquet Pulls
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