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The story of a senior couple

Family party to enjoy a meal surrounded by important people ★

Mitsuo Kikuchi, Kaori Kurazawa

Ceremony / 2014 December 13th

Venue / Sail Suite

Two people with nice atmosphere. The reception was carefully created from the guest's point of view in order to entertain close and important people. Two people who are particular about food. At the reception, we cherished such a time that we could fully enjoy a delicious meal together, talk and relax. You can't miss the fashionable Christmas coordination created by two creative lovers.

Venue used

  • An impressive scene where your mother, who has been cherished and raised with care, will send you out
  • A ceremony of excitement full of warm smiles. In the flower shower, you can relax
  • There should be a chef's greeting ... but next to it is a dignified groom dressed in a cook coat!
  • Christmas arrangement of French confectionery, Paris-Brest cake
  • After the two leave, a digest video present. Like a movie, beautiful and happy time, tears involuntarily
  • Haute couture dress by mother

Wedding dresses and drawstring purses for guests are handmade by mothers!

The bride grew up as an adult woman, dressed in her mother's handmade clothes since childhood. The beautiful original dress for such an important lady was finished by the hands of the mother with every single needle. The bride's sunny ambiance and gentle atmosphere and elegance are like mother's affection. Worrying about the guests also feels the mother's love.

small gift

The theme of the coordination is “Winter”. Produce a slightly different stylish Christmas

Bordeaux tablecloth and moss green torsion. At the center of the table are a number of flower arrangements with the theme of "winter." When you light a candle, the fir tree pattern sprayed on the glass rises and makes your meal even more exciting. Also, put a mini-album describing the memories of the two at each table, so that guests can freely browse at their seats at any time, so don't worry.

flower arrangement

The course selected by the chef is beautiful, with carefully selected ingredients and beautiful ingredients, for the hospitality of our special guests.

Starting with one dish of 12 kinds of flower leases, the colors are incredibly beautiful, and they have chosen a course that is popular with people of all ages. The main taste of using the finest dishes, especially lobster, soft and fine beef sirloin, is exceptional. In addition, two dedicated chairs are installed at each table to enjoy a conversation from the same perspective as the guest. After the color change, we enjoyed a relaxing chat with all the guests while taking a commemorative photo.


With a lot of thanks from the staff who made the party together

Congratulations on this time. It was a very peaceful party with two warm personalities! The total coordination of flowers, paper items and cloths with the theme of "Christmas" was also wonderful. The guests' reaction was good and we were happy. Please stay with them with a smile forever ♪

With a lot of thanks
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