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The story of a senior couple

An impressive wedding full of gratitude to the family

Kawai and Numano

Koujiro Kawai, Tomomi Numano

Wedding Day / August 2014th, 24

Venue / Grand Blue

Two people who were classmates in junior high school.The reunion at the alumni reunion triggered a sunny day.The day is also the birthday of two children, Mikita-kun, and everyone sings and celebrates Happy Birthday, making it a peaceful and fun party!

Venue used

  • Today, three are the protagonists. A special day has finally started!
  • Kanta also wears a matching bracelet and enters the ceremony
  • Group photos are also wrapped in green and smile with nature
  • The wedding cake is also accompanied by “1” of Kanta, one year old
  • Dad is unintentionally smiling to serve cooking with appreciation from Koujiro-san

Original public expression with 12 sunflowers blooming

The Riviera original "Twelve Roses" roses are transformed into Tomomi's favorite sunflowers for a two-person ceremony. Mr. Koujiro-san and Mr. Kanta entered the hall together, and the ceremony filled with smiles started.

Original public expression

Celebrate with a double! Enter the venue with a blessing

August 24th is a special day that is the wedding of both of us and the birthday of Kanta. We receive marriage celebration and birth celebration from all over the venue and enter with three families! Mr. Kanta, who did admission without crying, received even more applause from the venue.

1st birthday

From surprise to moving scene

The groom, Koujiro, suddenly appeared in the open kitchen! The speech that began with the excitement of the guests showed thanks to her mother for making delicious food every day. The inside of the venue turned from a surprise production to a touch of excitement.

Open kitchen

A wedding brimming with a warm bond that wraps the two

Handmade welcome board by Mr. and Mrs. Koujiro's brother. Both of them were very close with their families, and it was impressive that parents and siblings were together enjoying the wedding. The guests were all excited together, and it was a very warm wedding to feel the bond between them.

Welcome board
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