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The story of a senior couple

The theme is “Stylish & Simple”

Yuki Maruki / Kana

Ceremony Date / 2014 January 26th Ceremony

Venue / Sail Suite

The two were welcomed on a sunny day, supported by Japan while Mr. Yuushi was abroad. It was a wonderful reception filled with Kana's glowing coordination and strong appreciation for Kana and Yushi.

Venue used

  • Guests are witnesses. A public expression that remains strong in the impression.
  • Photos of weddings of parents of both families are also accepted.
  • Ceremony left with a bouquet of roses entrusted with 12 oaths.
  • Coordinates surrounded by the bride's favorite hydrangea. Blue accents!
  • Two masterpieces. The welcome item was also wonderful.

Like a foreign wedding! Bridesmaids appeared

Bridesmaid friends wearing beautiful pale green matching costumes. The public ceremony that important people helped was impressive not only for the two but also for the hearts of the guests.


The birth of chef Maruki ?! The groom becomes a chef!

I think he was headed for the color change ... The groom appeared in the open kitchen! After greeting our guests, we will serve our parents with their gratitude. It was a moving act.

Groom becomes chef!

Enjoy delicious food

The two had been hoping to have their guests thoroughly enjoy delicious food. At the party, we enjoyed the colorful arrangements and enjoyed the warm ones slowly while they were still warm.

Delicious food

The reason the venue went dark ...

At the end of the entertainment of the bride and friends, the venue suddenly darkens ... This is a surprise for the two prepared by the friends. Help other guests to help us with a penlight! The venue, illuminated by various colors, was very beautiful.

Why the venue has gone dark
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