Riviera Zushi Marina Tennis School

You can choose from General Class, Junior Class, and Player Development Class.
Each class offers lessons by level,
We aim to improve your skills easily with guidance tailored to each individual.

General class

General class has 5 levels from beginner to advanced
We will conduct lessons according to the level.

Riviera Zushi Marina Tennis School

Weekday day / Weekday night / Saturday and Sunday

By setting abundant classes such as beginner to advanced / senior classes, you can level up with reasonable lessons that suit you.
In addition, the night game facilities have been enhanced and various types of tournament events are being held.

Lesson class formation


Those who are new to tennis. Those who want to learn from the basics.


Those who have basic tennis skills and can play stroke rallies and games.


For those who want to assemble the game mainly with volleys that can hit each shot.

upper intermediate

For those who want to learn more accurate shots and ball control by applying to intermediate level, and aim for further improvement.


Those who want to master the strength and speed control of each shot. Those who want to practice more closely in actual battles and actively participate in matches.


Women who want to learn tactics and strategies specializing in doubles in order to win women's doubles matches.

Junior class

The junior class has three stages from beginner to advanced
We will conduct lessons according to the level.

Riviera Zushi Marina Tennis School

Kids class (Kids 4 to 6 years old)

Kindergarten class.
Start by getting used to rackets and tennis balls.

Jr1 class (elementary school students)

It is a high-quality lesson that is divided into three classes, from beginner to advanced, depending on the level.

* Level check will be conducted every term, and class will be changed according to the level.

Jr2 class (junior high and high school students)

Class for junior and senior high school students.
It's a high quality lesson while having fun.

Jr team / Jr1 selection class (player development class)

High-quality lessons will be held with the goal of achieving good results in national and Kanto competitions.
In addition to regular lessons, professional physical training and body maintenance are also incorporated.

* Only coach recommenders (irregular selections available)

Player training class

A higher stage with a view to becoming a professional in the future
Foster junior players who aim.

Riviera Zushi Marina Tennis School

the purpose

Operated by the Riviera Zushi Marina Tennis School, with the aim of developing junior players who can play on higher stages and to help junior players with excellent qualities to build a healthy and socially personality through tennis I will.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Elementary school first grade to high school third grade (18 years and under)
  • A person who is recommended by a coach in charge of the Jr class or selection class in which he is enrolled, or who has determined that the coach in charge of the player development class is capable and has a future potential.
  • Applicants who take a selection or trial lesson of a player training class to be held from time to time, who can be recognized as equivalent to a player training class student in terms of skills and mentality, and who have passed the interview.

Player development class organization

■ Team
With a view to becoming a professional in the future, he will set big dreams and goals and aim to participate in national championships such as the All Japan Junior Championship and win.

■ Selection class
A class to learn necessary skills, physical strength and enthusiasm so that you can step up to the top class [team] in the player training class.

Practice time

XNUMX days a week

Tuesday is closed

■ Team (150 minutes)

Mon / Wed / Thu / Friday

18: 10 to 20: 40


16: 30 to 19: 00

Sunday (180 minutes)

15: 00 to 18: 00

■ Selection class (90 minutes)

Mon / Wed / Friday

16: 45 to 18: 15


18: 05 to 19: 35


12: 00 to 13: 30


12: 00 to 13: 30

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