☑ Please note that dogs that become aggressive when they see people or other dogs are not allowed to enter.Also, please vaccinate your pets.
☑ If you are traveling with a dog older than 91 days, be sure to attach the rabies injection certificate and tag in a visible location.
* Rabies occurs all over the world except in a few countries including Japan.Many people die every year from all over the world due to a terrifying zoonotic disease that cannot be helped if it becomes ill.The Rabies Prevention Law requires registration and annual rabies injections for domestic dogs aged 91 days or older.For more information, please contact the health center in your jurisdiction.
☑ Be sure to attach the lead in the hall.Also, be sure to keep the lead short as long leads are dangerous.In the unlikely event that a problem occurs in the venue, the parties will be responsible for dealing with it.
☑ Please note that the contents of the event are subject to change.
☑ The parking lot may not be available, so please use public transportation as much as possible before coming to the venue.
☑ Please prevent and dispose of excrement so as not to cause any inconvenience to local residents.
☑ We recommend that you bring your own drinking water for pets.
☑ The organizer is not responsible for any troubles related to pets in the venue.
☑ Please note that there are some places in the venue where pets are not allowed to enter.

Pet meets RIVIERA
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