20 people: 1,087,900 yen (tax and service charge included)

A fulfilling plan with all the necessary items for a wedding ceremony!Customization is possible according to the two people's commitments!

Conditions of Use

Wedding period

2021 December 1st-2023 March 31st

of people

6 name to 30 name


Information for a limited number of groups ・ Cannot be used with other plans / The amount of benefits varies depending on the number of people and products.
For those who hold weddings and receptions.

  • For more information, please feel free to contact the venue.

What is included in the plan

  • Wedding

  • Cooking / drink

  • cake

  • Flower arrangement

  • Costume

  • Venue fee

  • Waiting room fee

  • Service charge

  • Acoustic lighting

  • Beauty dressing

  • gift

  • service charge

  • Other


Christianity / Public Ceremony

Cooking / drink

Free drinks including creative dishes and welcome drinks (beer, whiskey, wine, soft drinks)


Black tie, wedding dress Western clothing 1 point each * Benefits may vary depending on the costume you choose

Waiting room fee

Bride and groom waiting room, relatives waiting room, reception waiting room

Venue fee

Ocean view reception hall usage fee with a panoramic view of the sea

Beauty dressing

Beauty dressing and hair makeup on the day

Acoustic lighting

Sound / lighting / projector usage fee / exclusive operator included in venue usage fee

Service charge

Dedicated staff will support you from preparation to performance



Flower arrangement

Main table, guest table, gift bouquet << Peace of mind with a meeting with a florist >>



service charge

Total amount of food, cake and drink 10%


Guest waiting room, rehearsal make-up, pick-up, tablecloth napkin
★ Bus transfer gift from Kamakura Station