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Value "feelings"
Riviera wedding

The feelings of the two celebrating a special wedding day. The feelings of parents and families who loved them and were brought up so far. The feelings of the attendees watching over the new departures of both families. We value that feeling, the connection between people. Taking care of each and every one of us, and staying close to each other. Not only to fulfill your wishes, but to propose even more wonderful things to lead to even more joyful moments. We will work together to create a wedding that can share happiness.

Our Hospitality

From wedding to life partner
Continue to propose rich time
Riviera hospitality

The spirit of hospitality unique to Japan has been passed down for more than half a century since the establishment of the Hakuunkaku restaurant, the predecessor of the Riviera, in 1950. And the hospitality that fascinates the world celebrities at the prestigious "The Riviera Country Club" in Los Angeles, USA. Building on these two service spirits, we will continue to be long-term relationships of trust with our customers and continue to be the partners of life that will continue to deliver inspiring experiences.

Riviera flagship The Riviera Country Club

It was born in Los Angeles, USA with the idea of ​​"creating a place where people can enjoy life, love nature, gather together and talk together" in a valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California. As a venerable country club with the most beautiful course in the world, gentlemen from all over the world are among the members, and many Hollywood stars are also members. With the adjoining tennis club and weddings of prominent people in Japan, the chalk clubhouse has become the social hub of the upper class all over the world.
1250 Capri Drive Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 USA

Riviera's predecessor, "Shirounkaku"

HAKUUNKAKU / Since1950
The predecessor of the Riviera, Tokyo was born in Ikebukuro in 1950. In the old days, wedding dishes were generally in the “Ozen” style, but the course style was devised to have all the dishes warm. The current style of serving gorgeous and warm dishes while watching the timing of your meal has been established over a long history.

Our Precious Thing

Life enriched by nature
Make your lifestyle worthwhile

Everyone wants a healthy and rewarding life. We are proposing various lifestyles that the riviera can fulfill, triggered by wedding ties. While valuing the environment, we would like to provide a fun time (life) that appreciates the warmth of people and the benefits of nature. This is the Riviera's wish and our important mission. Make your mind and body healthy and have a happy time filled with soothing smiles. Beyond that, we will continue to be the ones who are close together.
  • Riviera farm of pesticide-free vegetables

    Riviera farm of pesticide-free vegetables

    In the Riviera, we grow pesticide-free vegetables in our own garden, with the gratitude of nature and the desire to have our customers eat the fresh ingredients safely and safely. We value resources without wasting them, and work on the environment and ecology as well as taste.

  • Recycling-type farming

    Recycling-type farming

    We recycle vegetable scraps into high-quality compost, and use the compost in our vegetable gardens to grow vegetables with high nutritional value while considering the environment. Freshly harvested organic pesticide-free vegetables can be enjoyed deliciously in wedding dishes and as part of the restaurant menu.

  • Riviera Shonan Ecology Town

    Riviera Shonan Ecology Town

    "Shonan Ecology Town" is based on the Riviera Zushi Marina, a city that is friendly to the natural environment. It is a new resort that can be promoted by holding hands with the area. Introduced a car sharing system to reduce CO2 emissions. We are working to spread electric vehicles.

As a sea professional

As a sea professional
The Riviera is one of the few sea experts in Japan. In addition to beach clean activities, we are focusing on ocean dissemination activities as a part of social service and support for the development of the next generation. At the "Riviera Kaijuku", an activity that conveys the "fun and beauty of the sea" to children, the next generation will think through the experience of access dinghy and the like, "the significance of keeping the blue and beautiful sea important" I am. In addition, in the activity to support eelgrass cultivation, we increased the number of eelgrass that are disappearing from the Shonan sea by land reclamation and fully cooperated with the "Yokosuka Sea Citizens Conference", an organization that is working to restore the sea. By planting eelgrass seedlings, the sea regains its beauty, becomes a place for spawning fish and a place for fry, and plays a role in protecting the ecosystem of marine life.

A lifetime partnership with our customers
"Honoring hospitality"
It is an important basic philosophy of the Riviera

In a world of dramatic changes, Japan continues to be chaotic from various perspectives such as political economy. The industrial structure has changed significantly from a manufacturing country to a service country, and attention is being paid to the world-class hospitality culture. We must carefully pass down the ancient idea of ​​touching our hearts and deepening our ties while giving thanks and love to each other, and hand them down to the next generation. In Japan, which is the world's oldest super-aging society, further improvement in QOL (Quality of Life) is required in that sense as well. "Value" is something that is actively created. For us, "value" is to provide the best service that is unrivaled. As a pioneer in creating excitement, a "lifestyle proposal company" that responds to a variety of needs, proposes worthwhile lives to everyone with whom we have relationships, and provides a fulfilling lifestyle. This is us, the Riviera Group.

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Chairman and CEO

Noboru Watanabe Chairman and CEO Riviera Corporation

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