80 people: 3,034,000 yen (tax included)

A smart and wonderful wedding at a great time. Fresh season with little rain! Appearance of a plan that can provide a wonderful wedding at a great price!

Realize your dream wedding in a space full of greenery! Upgrade your wedding wisely with a great budget. Meetings can also be started with the image of the ceremony tour, so proceed happily until the day!

Wedding period

From 2021 January 1st to 2021 February 28th

Applicable people

30 name to 120 name

[Plan limited benefits]
◆ Up to 50 yen OFF ◆
100. Party venue fee XNUMX% OFF
100. Waiting room charge XNUMX% OFF
50. Two Costumes XNUMX XNUMX% OFF
(When wearing 4 points of bride and groom costumes)
For other details, please contact the staff

What is included in the plan

  • Wedding

  • Cooking / drink

  • cake

  • Flower arrangement

  • Costume

  • Venue fee

  • Waiting room fee

  • Seat fee

  • Service charge

  • Beauty dressing

  • Paper items

  • 写真

  • gift

  • service charge

  • Other


Christian ceremony or public ceremony (including pastor or presenter, choir or chorus squad, live performer, flower arrangement)

Cooking / drink

Riviera style, free drink

Flower arrangement

Main table, guest table, bouquet boutonniere


One piece each for tuxedo, wedding dress, bride and groom

Beauty dressing

Includes hair and makeup rehearsals, costumes and dressing fees for rehearsals

Paper items

Invitation letter (envelope, letter, reply postcard, map)


Gifts, snacks, carry bags


Shooting cost, photo album (with 500 cut data)

service charge

10% of food and beverage expenses including food and drinks


Table coordination fee

予 約 Reservation limited from official HP /

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