10 people: 624,250 yen (tax included)

Recommended for family-friendly weddings. Let's express our gratitude with sincere hospitality.

It's as if you were invited to your living room. In a relaxing space, please enjoy the gastronomy that has been passed down since the restaurant era.

Wedding period

~ 2021 December 31st

of people

2 name to 40 name

[By applying package plan]
Save a total of ¥59!

What is included in the plan

  • Wedding

  • Cooking / drink

  • Flower arrangement

  • Costume

  • Venue fee

  • Waiting room fee

  • Seat fee

  • Service charge

  • Acoustic lighting

  • Beauty dressing

  • 写真

  • service charge

  • Other


Christ ceremony or public ceremony (including pastor or moderator, choir, live performer, flower decoration) or Shinto ceremony

Cooking / drink

Riviera style, free drink

Flower arrangement

Table decoration, bouquet, boutonniere


Black ties, wedding dresses, shoes

Beauty dressing

Hair make rehearsal, including dressing and hair make fee on the day

service charge

10% of food and beverage expenses including food and drinks


Studio photography (2 poses), table coordination fee, assistance fee, venue room fee, waiting room fee