Official website only!Luxury 5 major benefits

◆ Reservation from the official website is the best deal ◆

Best rate guarantee that realizes "I want to fulfill my dream wisely!"
Rather than booking via the ceremony introduction site, ceremony introduction desk, or consultation counter
We show you the most fulfilling benefits.

[Best rate guarantee]

[Bonus ①] Venue usage fee up to 20 yen OFF
[Bonus ②] Wedding fee up to 15 yen OFF
[Bonus ③] Welcome drink Present for the number of people
[Benefit ④] Up to 4 yen OFF when wearing a total of 30 costumes
[Benefit ⑤] Waiting room fee of 5 yen for seated guests

Applicable period: Customers who book weddings until August 2024st in 31

Applicable condition (XNUMX): Customers who have made a fair / tour reservation from this site
Applicable condition (XNUMX): Please note that it cannot be used in combination with other benefits.
Applicable condition ③: Please contact the staff for details of the benefits

A must-see for those who are considering a wedding with a small number of people!

◆Ceremony x Meeting PLAN◆
Introducing a plan that includes everything you need for the wedding!Can be customized to suit your party style ◎
This is a limited-time package plan for customers who are considering weddings with close people.

With the plan applied, the wedding will come true at a reasonable price and wisely!

Regular fee
10 people 1,218,690 yen (tax included)

Plan applicable price
10 people 688,710 yen (tax included)

Save a total of 529,980 yen!

Applicable period: Customers who book weddings until March 2024st in 31

会場 Visiting the venue on a virtual tour /

3 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station C3 exit!
Experience the Riviera Forest with a virtual tour ☆

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