FOR THE GUEST For guests

Thank you very much for this wedding.
We will guide you to items that have many questions from customers

GUEST SPACE Guest space

There are various waiting spaces in the hall, so we will introduce some of them.
We will show you the most suitable room according to the party venue so that guests can relax.

Waiting space 1

Waiting space 2

Waiting space 3

Waiting space 4

Waiting space 5

  • [1] Lobby: A waiting space where the colors of the trees are gentle, just after the entrance. [2] Oak Lounge: A large, calm space adjacent to the Palisades Terrace.
  • [3] Forest Court: Bright and open room adjacent to Garden Forest. [4] Facade: A casual bench space is provided outside the building and next to the front entrance.
  • [5] French balcony: Impressive space with a large terrace adjacent to French blue.

RENTAL CLOTHES Rental costume

We can rent Tomesode and Morning at Riviera Dress Salon. For weddings and receptions3 weeks agoPlease make a reservation at

Rental costume

Rental costume* Prices are exclusive of tax.

[Medium drinker and father]

Coat of arms
50,000 Yen
[Items to check] Height / Weight
[Included] Hakama / Obi / Nagajuban / Songari / White fan
[Required Items] Kimono underwear / Waist strap (2) / Correction towel (2) / White tabi / U-neck shirt / Steteco
38,000 yen ~
[Confirmation items] Height / Weight / Waist / Neck size / Shoe size
[Included] Ties / Pocket Chief / Wing Shirt / Cuffs / Black Shoes / Black Socks
[Things you need] U-neck shirt / Steteco

[Medium drinks wife, mother, relatives]

50,000 yen ~
[Items to check] Age / Budget / Height / Weight / Shoe size
[Included] Obi / Obiage / Obi-tight / Nagajuban
[Prepared Items] Kimono slip underwear (with hem guards) / white tabi / waist straps (XNUMX) / Date jime (XNUMX) / obi pillow / obi front plate (XNUMX) / Suehiro / sandals / bag / Colin belt / Collar core / Correction towel (XNUMX pieces)
Colored sleeves
50,000 yen ~

Accessories sales & rental price list* Prices are exclusive of tax.

[Accessory sales (for women)]

Tomesode preparation set 18,000 Yen
[Contents] Ski underwear (with hem guard) / White tabi / Waist strap / Date sash / Obi pillow / Obi front plate / Suehiro / Korin belt / Collar core
Kimono slip underwear
(With hem guard)
1 yen per sheet
White tabi One pair 1 yen
Waist strap 4 2,000 yen
Date 2 3,000 yen
Obi pillow 1 piece 1,500 yen
Obi front plate 1 yen per sheet
Suehiro (for Tomesode) 1 2,000 yen
Colin Belt 1 2,000 yen
Collar core 1 500 yen

[Accessories (for men)]

Crest clothing accessory set 8,500 Yen
[Contents] Kimono underwear / Waist / Correction towel / White tabi / U-neck shirt / Steco
U neck shirt 1 yen per sheet
Steteco 1 1,500 yen

[Accessory rental (for women)]

Sandals bag set 1 set 8,000 yen
Sandals only One pair 1 yen
band 1 10,000 yen
Obi 1 1,500 yen
Obi fastening 1 1,500 yen
Long undergarment 1 yen per sheet

Reservations and inquiries <Riviera dress salon> Phone 03-3981-3236

DRESSING & HAIR SET Dressing / hair set

The dressing and hair set for attendees can be reserved up to the specified number of people in both families.
[Women] Reservation for dressing only, Reservation for dressing + hair set: 2 people each [Men] Dressing for crest clothes: 2 people

Dressing / hair set

Fee * Prices are exclusive of tax.


Tomesode / Visit (Taiko knot) 10,000 Yen
Furisode / Visit (change) 15,000 Yen
Lanyard 7,000 Yen

【Hair set】

Set 5,000 Yen

* Please come with makeup done.

Although the number is limited, we also sell hair accessories.

<Requests and notes>

  • ・ Reservations are required for dressing and hair setting for the guests.Of the wedding reception3 weeks before application deadlineSo please tell the bride and groom by then.
  • ・ Cancellation of reservation is for wedding reception7 days before noonPlease contact me. After that, you will be charged half the cancellation fee for your reservation.
  • ・ Payment will be included in the wedding fee (estimate).
  • ・ If you apply for both dressing and hair set, please come in front-opening clothes as we will start from the hair set.

<If you send kimono in advance>

Your luggage will be opened by yourself, so we will keep it as it is.

  • ・ Destination
    To Riviera Tokyo Cloakroom, 171-0021-5 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 9-5
  • ・ Items to be stated on the delivery slip
    Please fill in the “ceremony date”, “names of both families” and “name of the person who will be using” and send it to arrive two to three days before the date of use.

Reservations and inquiries <Bridal Salon> Phone 03-3981-3231


There are partner hotels within walking distance (or within 10 minutes by taxi) of Riviera Tokyo.
Details are subject to change, so please contact the hotel directly for reservations and inquiries.

List of partner hotels

Hotel Metropolitan

Hotel Metropolitan

3 minutes walk from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station (7 minutes walk from Riviera Tokyo). Facilities such as restaurant, bar, banquet hall, aesthetic salon, fitness club are enriched.

1-6-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo <Ikebukuro West Exit>
* Direct limousine bus from Haneda
TEL: 03-3980-7600 (direct reservation for accommodation)

Click here for official HP

Tokyu Stay Ikebukuro

Tokyu Stay Ikebukuro

Good location 4 minutes on foot from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station (3 minutes on foot from Riviera Tokyo). In the room, a nice service such as a washer / dryer, a microwave oven and an air purifier is permanently installed.

2-12-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo <Ikebukuro West Exit>
TEL: 03-3984-1091

Click here for official HP

Sunshine City Prince Hotel

Sunshine City Prince Hotel

15 minutes on foot from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station (10 minutes by taxi from Riviera Tokyo). The high floors on the 34th and 37th floors have Simmons bed mattresses. A relaxing panoramic stay.

3-1-5 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo <Ikebukuro West Exit>
* Direct limousine bus from Haneda
TEL: 03-3988-1111 (direct reservation for accommodation)

Click here for official HP

Daiichi Inn Ikebukuro

Daiichi Inn Ikebukuro

2 minutes on foot from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station (7 minutes by taxi from Riviera Tokyo). Go out of the station and go to the left. Turn left at the station building (Parco) and follow the curve.

1-42-8 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo <Ikebukuro West Exit>
TEL: 03-3986-1221

Click here for official HP

COMMODITY Products for sale

The following products are sold at the cloakroom (at the Riviera). Please feel free to use.

Product list * Prices are exclusive of tax.


AA battery 200 Yen
Lithium battery for camera
1000 Yen


段 ボ ー ル 400 Yen

※ Takkyubin is available for shipment by cloakroom.
Please feel free to tell us.

【Gift envelopes】

Gift envelopes 350 Yen
Pocket bag 150 Yen

【そ の 他】

Handkerchief (white) 500 Yen Pocket chief 300 Yen
Tie (white) 3,000 Yen Belt (black) 1,500 Yen
(Black / Beige)
500 Yen Vinyl umbrella 400 Yen

PARKING Guidance of parking lot

[General parking]

We accept reservations for up to 3 cars for both families free of charge.
When making a reservation, please tell the bride and groom the name, model and number of the person being parked. Reservations are accepted from the bride and groom.
However, please note that you will be charged for one hour after opening. (1 yen per hour)
Please note that there is a charge for parking without an advance reservation and for vehicles after the fourth. (5 yen up to 1,000 hours after receipt)

[One night parking]

One night parking (surcharge) is also available. (3,000 yen until noon the next day) Additional charges are required for hours after noon the next day.

[Bus information]

Buses are only available at this parking lot, and you will be guided to a bus terminal such as Sunshine (charged). (From 30 yen for 900 minutes)
About traffic guidance"access"Please check the page.


CHANGING ROOM Changing Room Information

On the second floor of the building, there are changing rooms equipped with lockers for men and women. Especially, if you are from a distance, you can come and go home with light clothes. If you use the changing room, please contact the Riviera staff at the reception on the day of the wedding or reception.
* Customers with large luggage such as suitcases should leave them in the cloakroom.


About CLOAK cloakroom

At the cloakroom, we can store large luggage such as suitcases as well as coats and bags.
* Excluding valuables, fragile items and raw items.


You can take a rest when you are suddenly ill.
Please talk to the staff near you for guidance.


Wheelchairs are available free of charge.
However, since the number is limited, please make a reservation in advance.
Please ask the front staff when using.


Takkyubin (home delivery service) is handled at the cloakroom inside the facility (charged), so please do not hesitate to contact us. The cloakroom also sells corrugated cardboard for Takkyubin.


Lost and found items are kept at the front desk.
However, please note that cash and valuables will be reported to the nearest police more than two days after the date of discovery.

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Tuesdays and Wednesdays (except holidays)

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