Volunteer recruitment

Riviera is looking for volunteer staff to help with events related to sustainability.
While learning about environmental conservation and SDGs, you can also contribute to society.
Anyone can participate, so why not join us in working ``for our future''?

Admission Information

・No age limit
・ Inexperienced
・I want to experience various things on the Riviera! Those who think that
・Those who are interested in environmental conservation and SDGs

Activity day

You can participate on any date and time that is available to you. When holding or operating an event, we will contact you via email in advance.
*The number of participants varies depending on the event.

Activity destination

・Riviera Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
・Riviera Zushi Marina (Kanagawa)


There is no payment of compensation.

How to register as “Riviera Volunteer Staff”

Please register by entering your information in the form below.

Riviera Volunteer Registration Form

Past volunteer activities


Riviera's sustainable events/current events

Riviera Future Creation Project

At Riviera Group
Since 2006, we have focused our efforts on creating a prosperous future.
We are promoting SDGs.

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