Aiming for a clean earth in the sea, forests, and atmosphere

Nowadays, various environmental problems on a global scale are being raised in the world.The RIVIERA Group, which develops its business by benefiting from nature, regards these issues as its own issues and is focusing on environmental conservation efforts.
Do the activities we can do in good faith and intermittently.I think that is the way to a prosperous future where people and nature live together.

Eelgrass nurturing support

We support the Yokosuka Sea Citizens' Conference to protect the rich sea and cooperate in activities to protect marine ecosystems.

Abolition of plastic straws


Abolished plastic straws as part of marine environment conservation activities.We provide straws made of natural materials to those who need them.

Marine traffic "Sea Lane" development support

Participated in the Kanagawa Ocean Tourism Promotion Council. Supporting the development of a new marine transportation route "Sea Lane" in Sagami Bay.

Water rescue and marine extension activities

Registered for Seabird Japan, which promotes waterside patrols and rescue. Prevents flood accidents and contributes to awareness of maritime safety.

Support for rearing and releasing bream fry

To help prevent the depletion of precious marine resources, we support "breeding and releasing bream fry" in Koajiro Bay.

Koajiro Forest Conservation Activities

Koajiro Forest, which surrounds the Riviera Seabornia Marina, is a place where forests, wetlands, tidal flats and the sea are left uninterrupted, and rare creatures such as Acategani form a diverse ecosystem. The Riviera works in cooperation with Kanagawa Prefecture, public interest incorporated foundations and NPOs to protect the richest natural environment and animals and plants in the Kanto region.

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Palm tree maintenance

Riviera Zushi Marina is a popular spot in Kamakura and Shonan.In addition to planting and growing young trees to preserve the landscape, we also prun the palms twice a year to ensure safety and manage the growth of palms.

Promotion activities for electric vehicles

An electric vehicle was incorporated into the company car, and a charging stand was installed in the hall. We are working to reduce CO2 emissions by holding events.

Collaboration of share cycle business

A share cycle has been set up to alleviate traffic congestion in the Kamakura / Shonan area, where traffic congestion is serious.We also aim to reduce the exhaust gas emitted from automobiles.

By electric car
Introduction of emergency power supply system

As part of environmental protection, we encourage employees to switch to electric vehicles and assist in purchasing.A charging station was also installed at a hotel in the Riviera Zushi Marina, and in an emergency, a system that supplies electricity to the hotel by discharging electricity from an electric vehicle was introduced for the first time in a Japanese hotel.