We Riviera Group
"Living with nature
Creating a Prosperous Future ”
Aiming for "corporate growth"

Riviera Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Chairman and President 社長 Watanabe

“Deep link between the Riviera business and CSR”

The Riviera Group is a company that proposes richer lifestyles to customers and continues to create new excitement. At the same time, the businesses we develop include resorts, marina, weddings, restaurants, and sports, including the prestigious golf course Los Angeles in the United States, The Riviera Country Club, all without the benefits of nature. It does not hold. That's why I believe that there is a deep connection between Riviera's business activities and social activities, and realize that there is a social mission to address various issues around the world as their own.

“From small activities to big circles, creating a cycle”

I want to be a company that is kind to people and the earth. That is the origin of the Riviera.
For example, one of our everyday efforts is to protect the seaside environment. Although it may be a small activity in itself, I believe that the work of sincerely carrying out what everyone feels good will be the cornerstone of future social innovation. The beautiful sea calls people. If you get to know the truly beautiful sea and meet the marine life that lives in it, many people will have a desire to protect the environment. Beginning with a small activity, it spreads to a big circle. Creating this cycle will lead to long-term environmental conservation, and in this cycle the Riviera business will grow. We believe that we can provide our customers with more valuable services as they grow, and we can return to the people and the earth through further social contribution activities.

“Riviera initiatives and sustainability”

Organic pesticide-free vegetables and herbs served at Riviera restaurants. It is a recycle organic farm with its own vegetable garden, which all employees have grown with great care. By feeling the season on their own skin, cultivating and harvesting the soil with their own hands, their appreciation for the ingredients has increased, and their communication skills when serving food to their customers have improved. Right now, we are promoting the SDGs with four pillars: environment, education, society, and eating habits, but these are not independent. Taking our own vegetable garden as an example, it is a safe and secure approach to 'food', but uses agricultural methods that take into account the 'natural environment', and also leads to 'fostering' human resources who will play a role in the future of the food service industry. . From a long-term and future perspective, we are finding a wide range of issues from a single initiative, and we are constantly working to achieve goals in various fields. Providing better services to customers and society. Refine the value of the company and aim for the growth of the group. Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society with the banner of creating a prosperous future in which people and nature coexist is the sustainability of the Riviera.