A place for learning that is useful for young people who will lead the next generation

To be able to grow into an adult who understands the essence of things by accepting diverse values ​​from a broad perspective.We will support you with activities unique to the Riviera, which you will learn through experience.

Holding of Riviera Ocean School

Marine adventurer Koujiro Shiraishi holds a one-day and two-day parent-child school. Under the theme of "Learning the Sea and Nature," we teach children about the pleasure and beauty of the sea and the importance of protecting the natural environment through marine experiences.

See details of 2018 Riviera Ocean School
* This event has already ended

Of orphanage
Independence support for high school students

In support of the “Oshima Challenge!”, A high school student in an orphanage takes the initiative in a round trip to Izu Oshima, with the desire to acquire true toughness. The Riviera supports activities such as providing yachts and crews.

Swim instruction in a clothing swimming class

Dispatched an instructor and provided swimming guidance with clothes. Instructed on how to ensure safety so that you can protect your precious life yourself through a simulated experience assuming what happens.

For children with incurable disease
Ocean experience program

We prepare marine items such as yachts and canoes for children who fight incurable diseases. Please enjoy the contact with nature.

Have a disability
Support for children

Cooperated with the activities of HUG Kumi, a child development support center. In the summer, we plan and support marine experience programs.

Shonan Beach FM Satellite Studio opened

Established for the purpose of creating opportunities for young people to approach dreams and communicating with the community. Promote human resource development and cultural exchange by using nearby university students for radio broadcasting.

Opening the pool to children's groups

A private pool is open to children in areas where the school does not have a pool, and the program is held every year so that children can enjoy the fun of water and get close to the sea.

Popularization of classical music and support for young musicians

We hold concerts that you can easily enjoy to support young musicians and broaden the base of classical music fans.
The Riviera, which has been rooted in the city of Ikebukuro for 70 years, is promoting "Toshima, the city of art and culture" in Toshima Ward.