Project introduction

Educational support for children in developing countries

Supports the accredited NPO "Room to Read Japan", an organization that provides education support based on the belief that "child education changes the world." Through the sponsorship of the charity auction "Tokyo Charity Gala" sponsored by the organization, we help children around the world acquire literacy and reading habits.

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Swim instruction in a clothing swimming class

Dispatched an instructor and provided swimming guidance with clothes. Instructed on how to ensure safety so that you can protect your precious life yourself through a simulated experience assuming what happens.

Shonan Beach FM Satellite Studio opened

Established for the purpose of creating opportunities for young people to approach dreams and communicating with the community. Promote human resource development and cultural exchange by using nearby university students for radio broadcasting.

Supporting the challenge to the sea

Holding of Riviera Ocean School

Marine adventurer Koujiro Shiraishi holds a one-day and two-day parent-child school. Under the theme of "Learning the Sea and Nature," we teach children about the pleasure and beauty of the sea and the importance of protecting the natural environment through marine experiences.

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* This event has already ended

Of orphanage
Independence support for high school students

In support of the “Oshima Challenge!”, A high school student in an orphanage takes the initiative in a round trip to Izu Oshima, with the desire to acquire true toughness. The Riviera supports activities such as providing yachts and crews.