In a world where everyone can enjoy meals with peace of mind

"Food" is the basis for people to live.It is also our mission to have been involved in the restaurant and restaurant business for a long time to think about a healthy diet and pass on a truly rich food culture to the future.

Cultivation and harvesting of vegetables in our own vegetable garden on the premises

Our staff grows pesticide-free vegetables in-house for the purpose of providing safe, secure and nutritious ingredients.The restaurant offers our customers fresh, carefully grown vegetables and a variety of herbs.

Reduction of food loss

"Food that is discarded even though it can be eaten" = food loss.In addition to the introduction of the recycling-type farming method, the Riviera continues to make efforts to consume food more efficiently and carefully by using the ingredients as soup without using them.

Vegetable production by circulation type farming method
Riviera circulating vegetables

Vegetable waste from the restaurant is primarily processed at the composting station in the Riviera Zushi Marina, mixed with the soil of contracted farmers to revive as high-quality compost, and the harvested vegetables are used again in the restaurant. I have been doing this since 2006.As a result, food waste is not transported by car and is not burned, contributing to CO₂ reduction.

Advocating a safe and secure food culture

We want to protect the children of the future and realize a food culture where everyone can easily eat safe and secure meals.With that in mind, we have developed a delicious and body-friendly menu together with Cosmo Vital, which has special technologies such as "heat haze (instantaneous high-temperature steam generator)".

Supporting food culture in various parts of Japan

In collaboration with each prefecture, the event "Shunzukushi", which enjoys the seasonal flavor unique to the region, has been held since 1985 during the restaurant's Hakuunkaku period. We support producers who keep the traditional local food culture and promote the revitalization of the local economy.

Promotion of local production for local consumption

Each Riviera restaurant proactively purchases and offers ingredients that can only be found in the land and season. Delivering fresh, delicious ingredients with highly safe ingredients that show the producer's face.