Project introduction

Vegetable production by recycling organic farming

Vegetable waste from restaurants is regenerated as high quality compost and used as vegetable garden fertilizer. Promote efforts to raise safe, secure and nutritious ingredients in consideration of the environment. At the Riviera Organic Farm, our own vegetable garden located in Ikebukuro, Minami-Aoyama, Zushi and Kawaguchiko, staff grow pesticide-free vegetables and herbs.

What is recycling organic farming?

Proposal of rooftop vegetable garden harvest experience lunch

Growing pesticide-free vegetables in-house for the purpose of greening rooftops in central Tokyo. The chefs prepare the vegetables and herbs that you have harvested yourself as course meals and prepare them at Riviera Aoyama. This is an effort to deepen your interest in food by feeling the season on your own skin and tasting seasonal ingredients picked by your own hands.

Reduction of food loss

Food that can be eaten but discarded ”= food loss. In addition to the introduction of recycling-based organic farming, the Riviera continues to make efforts to use food ingredients without waste, such as using vegetable soup as a soup.

Advocating a safe and secure food culture

We want to realize a food culture that protects the children of the future and allows everyone to have a safe and secure meal. With that in mind, we developed a delicious and body-friendly menu with CosmoVital, which has special technologies such as "Unicon Cook (low oxygen superheated steam)". Successfully developed additive-free rice flour bread as the first step. Available at Riviera Cafe.

See details of bread

Supporting food culture in various parts of Japan

In collaboration with each prefecture, the event "Shunzukushi", which enjoys the seasonal flavor unique to the region, has been held since 1985 during the restaurant's Hakuunkaku period. We support producers who keep the traditional local food culture and promote the revitalization of the local economy.

Promotion of local production for local consumption

Each Riviera restaurant proactively purchases and offers ingredients that can only be found in the land and season. Delivering fresh, delicious ingredients with highly safe ingredients that show the producer's face.