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【event date】

2021 June 22nd-Sequential delivery


Riviera Tokyo (Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku)


Living richly with nature-Environment, education, health and medical care-


Urban development and sustainability


Diverse clean energy for decarbonization
Art culture, food / health etc ...

<Main event>

Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee


Riviera Resort Co., Ltd., Riviera Co., Ltd.


Toshima Ward, Ehime Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Toshima Ward Board of Education

<Media Partner>

Toshima TV

Information for recruiting works

Let's think freely, thoughts that will lead to everyone's future

For the exhibition scheduled to be held in February 2022, we will hold the "2nd SDGs Student Works Contest" and "SDGs Manga Award" on the theme of SDGs.

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About Riviera SDGs Festival

■ Purpose of holding "Riviera SDGs Festival"
The SDGs advocated by the United Nations have the image of being tackled by governments, local governments, and large corporations, despite the fact that many small and medium-sized enterprises, voluntary organizations, and local residents also agree.The RIVIERA Group believes that by providing opportunities for people who support the SDGs to come together regardless of the framework, people can connect side by side and create synergistic effects for better activities.
Now that the countdown to 2030 has been reached, the continuous "Riviera SDGs Festival" has begun to take a new step as a "XNUMX years of action" in which the Riviera becomes a "hub" and a chain of SDGs actions occurs.In order to connect the future of living affluently to the next generation, we will talk, think, act, and disseminate SDGs as tools.

■ About the future schedule of "Riviera SDGs Festival"
"The 3rd Riviera SDGs Festival in Riviera Zushi Marina"
Date: 2021 October 31st Sun.
Venue: Riviera Zushi Marina
Contents: Sustainability festival

Past sustainable events

"Creation of a prosperous future to live with nature"
Since 2012, the RIVIERA Group has been aiming for
We have held various events.
Industry, size, public and private, etc.
We will continue to disseminate beyond all frameworks.

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Riviera Future Creation Project (SDGs)

Since 2006, the Riviera Group
We are promoting the SDGs by focusing on efforts to create a prosperous future.

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Riviera Future Creation Project (SDGs)