Project introduction

Popularization of classical music

We support young musicians aiming to become professionals and hold lunchtime concerts every month. Create a place where anyone can enjoy classical music casually, and contribute to the spread of classical music by expanding its base. We are also actively participating in the Toshima-ku, Tokyo city planning concept, "International Art and Culture City."

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Polishing activities

Implemented by all employees based on the guideline that "polishing the city and space leads to improving oneself." Regularly cleans sidewalks and public toilets as a member of the community.

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Toshima Food Support Project

Participating in the food distribution event held in March 2020, with the Riviera supporting the Toshima Food Support Project, one of Teshima Table's efforts to support local children with food. We boiled scraps of pesticide-free vegetables and meat left over from wedding and kaiseki meals for a long time to make curry, and distributed about 3 free to households who had difficulty preparing food.

Sports promotion support

In addition to the support of Yasujiro Shiraishi, who participated in the Vendez Grove's single port round-the-world race, he supported the Tokyo Olympics "Hinomaru Sailors", and also sponsored activities with Cerezo Osaka.

Marine traffic "Sea Lane" development support

Participated in the Kanagawa Ocean Tourism Promotion Council. Supporting the development of a new marine transportation route "Sea Lane" in Sagami Bay.

Water rescue and marine extension activities

Registered for Seabird Japan, which promotes waterside patrols and rescue. Prevents flood accidents and contributes to awareness of maritime safety.

Challenge support to the sea

For children with incurable disease
Ocean experience program

We prepare marine items such as yachts and canoes for children who fight incurable diseases. Please enjoy the contact with nature.

Have a disability
Support for children

Cooperated with the activities of HUG Kumi, a child development support center. In the summer, we plan and support marine experience programs.

Initiatives with Kanagawa Prefecture

Palm tree maintenance

Zushi Marina is a popular spot in Kamakura and Shonan. In order to preserve the landscape, we plant and grow young trees, and we conduct pruning twice a year by ourselves to ensure safety and manage the growth of palm trees.

Spread of animal welfare awareness

Through the holding of the event, we raise funds for the operation of the Kanagawa Animal Conservation Center and work with the organization to spread awareness of animal welfare.

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Opening the pool to children's groups

A private pool is open to children in areas where the school does not have a pool, and the program is held every year so that children can enjoy the fun of water and get close to the sea.

Revitalizing local communities

We enter Zushi Ekiden competition every year as a member of the area. Through friendship with inhabitants, we aim at regional revitalization.

Succession of tradition and regional promotion

The Michisun Festival is held every year in Miura. Through the support of traditional events such as Kasake, one of Japan's three oldest bow equestrian arts, he contributes to regional promotion and succession of traditions.

Donation of catches to the Social Welfare Council

Donated the fruits from the Riviera fishing event to the Miura City Council of Social Welfare. Fish is cooked fresh and delivered to support facilities.