The third Thursday every month is “Riviera Beach Clean”

A beach cleanup activity is held on the Zaimokuza coast near the Riviera Zushi Marina on the third Thursday of each month with approximately 50 volunteers. Depending on the weather the day before, surprisingly large trash can be transported to the beach. In addition to the garbage that is immediately noticeable, we also remove sand from the sandy beach while filtering, and also work to prevent microplastics from flowing into the sea.

◆ Scheduled next beach clean ◆

"Wakadai Beach Clean", which was scheduled to be held at the October 2019th Sun. Yuigahama Beach in Kamakura, 13.
A typhoon is expected to be approached, and we will postpone it after considering the safety aspects of the customer and the weather.
We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.
The postponed schedule will be announced on the website again.

First time !! Let's participate with Yuzo Kayama !!
Wakadai Beach Clean

Date: October 13th Sun.
Meeting: Kamakura Yuigahama Beach Namerikawa Intersection Assembly
Time: 13:20 Meeting 13:30 Start
* If you decide to stop the event, you will be notified on the website at 10:XNUMX am.
What to bring: None * Cleaning tools will be provided.
Application: Not required
Organizer: Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. Kayama Promotion Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsored by: Kanagawa Beach Beautification Foundation
Supporter: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Zushi City Japan Sailing Federation
Sponsor: Japan Beverage Central
Cooperation: Zushi City Sports Association
Riviera Beach Clean Window: Riviera Zushi Marina 0467-23-2211

A special edition of the Riviera's monthly beach cleanup activities conducted by volunteers and local residents for the purpose of marine conservation and urban development.
Protect the beautiful sea by cleaning the beach with Yuzo Kayama who loved the sea and enjoyed the benefits of the sea.
In addition to Yuzo Kayama who was decided to participate this time, Governor Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture, Mayor Matsuo Kamakura and Chairman Kono of the Japan Sailing Federation have decided to participate.

Sea the love fund
Marine Environment Clean Project

Mr. Yuzo Kayama, who loves the sea, worried about the pollution of the marine environment and the young people's `` seaside ocean '' that he had been thinking about for a long time, and in 2019 together with the Japan Sailing Federation, `` Ocean Love Fund Marine Environment Clean Project '' with the Japan Sailing Federation Established fund.
We appreciate your understanding and support.

A message from Yuzo Kayama has arrived

■ Activity report so far ■

Riviera Beach Clean SDGs Summer Vacation Project
[2019 August 22nd Thu.]

The Riviera has been conducting beach cleanup activities on the Zaimokuza coast every month for the purpose of marine conservation.
During the summer vacation, August 22nd collaborated with the Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation to learn with the children about the "coast, sea debris and environment" that they rarely learn through beach cleanup experiences.
After the beach cleanup activities, the Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation held an environmental seminar on sea debris and held a workshop using beach glass and microplastic.
This time 32 ordinary people participated and were able to collect a lot of garbage.

◆ Co-host: Kanagawa Beach Beautification Foundation
◆ Sponsor: Japan Beverage Central

By continuing such activities in the future, we will improve our hospitality as a company welcoming customers, and work as a member of the community to interact with the local community.

▲ Riviera Beach Clean SDGs summer vacation planning activities