• 40% subsidy of travel fee
    *However, the upper limit is 1 yen per person per night.
  • Distribution of regional coupons: Weekdays: 3,000 yen, Holidays: 1,000 yen


For reservations, please let us know (email or phone) that you would like to use it.

Target plan

All accommodation plans
*Applicable only to those who spend 1 yen (tax included) or more on weekdays and 1 yen (tax included) or more on holidays per person per night.

Eligible stay period

From October 2022 Fri. to December 14th Tue., 20
*Up to December 2022st Wed. checkout in 21


  • The target users are those who live in Japan.
  • The number of eligible nights (consecutive nights) per trip is up to 1 nights.
  • We will verify the address of all guests at check-in.
    Please present your identification card such as driver's license, health insurance card, or My Number card. (Including children)
    If confirmation is not possible, this discount will not be applied.
  • We will check your vaccination certificate (3 or more vaccinations) or negative proof.
    [PCR test or antigen quantitative test] Within 4 days including the date of sample collection
    [Antigen qualitative test] Within 2 days including the date of sample collection
    Please note that this discount will not be applied if you cannot confirm the document of vaccination certificate / negative certificate.
    Please check the applicable conditions once again.
  • Sales will end when the business budget limit is reached.