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Protecting the beautiful and rich ocean

Published April 2023


People gather around the beautiful sea
Wide-area “regional revitalization from the sea”

The 3rd LOVE OCEAN, a marine environmental event that protects the beautiful and rich ocean and connects people, was held from November to December last year. Let's spread the word about Shonan's highly environmentally conscious culture as a special edition of the "Riviera Beach Clean" held monthly by volunteer employees! It began in 11 when it was held in three cities: Kamakura, Zushi, and Hayama. The 12nd event expanded to 2021 cities and towns, including Miura, Fujisawa, and Yokosuka, and this time, the 3rd event has expanded to 2 cities and towns along the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture, from Miura to Yugawara, and has grown into an event with a richer content. A wide variety of people participate, including city leaders, local residents, organizations, fishermen, marine sports enthusiasts, anglers, and tourists, expanding the circle of the ``community of people who love the sea.''
Starting from Miura and caravaning westward along the coast of Sagami Bay, which stretches over 100 kilometers to the finish line at Yugawara, the types and amounts of garbage, and the shape and amount of sand are completely different on each coast. In addition to ``geographical factors'' such as the shape of the coast, the presence or absence of rivers, and tidal currents, and ``weather factors'' such as wind and waves that change daily, this is due to ``human factors'' such as people's level of interest and actions. I feel that this is the cause. A lot of microplastics were collected from Miura to the east of Chigasaki, and household garbage and Styrofoam were collected from Hiratsuka to the west of Yugawara.
Because the sea and land are interconnected without boundaries, we feel the need to conduct activities in the wide area of ​​Sagami Bay, rather than just a single location. We share our knowledge and work hand in hand with many people who love the sea, hoping to protect this beautiful and rich sea.

(I.e. Yokosuka Hayama Zushi Kamakura Fujisawa Chigasaki Hiratsuka Oiso Ninomiya Odawara Manazuru Yugawara
  • (I.e.
  • Yokosuka
  • Hayama
  • Zushi
  • Kamakura
  • Fujisawa
  • Chigasaki
  • Hiratsuka
  • Oiso
  • Ninomiya
  • Odawara
  • Manazuru
  • Yugawara

Development from beach clean

In addition to JAMSTEC's (Japan Marine Research and Development Agency) contribution to marine debris research, Kamakura and Odawara are also offering "town coins" in an effort to encourage people who come to the beach to clean the beaches to go to town and revitalize the local economy. granted.

Environment x disaster prevention
Disaster prevention from the sea “from beach to beach”

In conjunction with LOVE OCEAN's "Riviera Shonan Beach Clean" held from November 11th to 19th, maritime disaster prevention drills were held in Hayama - Zushi - Kamakura - Fujisawa. This is a ``hama-to-hama'' event in which ships with a draft can only dock at a port, but by using rib boats and personal watercraft, it is possible to ``land from the sea to the beach and transport goods and people.'' This is Japan's first maritime goods transport training. Surrounded by Sagami Bay and mountains, this beautiful local area is frequently affected by landslides and other damage. As serious natural disasters caused by the environment, such as climate change and abnormal weather caused by global warming, occur frequently, various types of damage are expected, including long-term power outages, collapsed roads, and isolated areas due to land routes being cut off, so disaster prevention is of paramount importance. It is important. In the Riviera, where the sea is our vocation, we consider the sea route to be a valuable route for both the environment and disaster prevention.

Maritime disaster prevention training

Disaster maritime disaster prevention training “From the sea to the beach”
Collaboration with the Coast Guard

During the training in Hayama and Zushi, we collaborated with the Yokosuka Coast Guard Department, which supported Riviera's concept of "LOVEOCEAN," and carried out maritime transport training for relief supplies. Maritime patrol boat "Kinugasa" → Riviera rib boat → Personal watercraft → To the beach. ``Due to March 3, the functions of the port were impaired and ships could no longer enter and exit.'' ``Using the beach instead of just the port'' and ``Connecting beaches by sea'' are unprecedented ideas! "It was also well received by the Director of the Yokosuka Coast Guard. We have taken the first step toward creating a system that can utilize the sea to support each other in the event of a disaster. It was a very meaningful initiative to be able to connect marine disaster prevention drills with beach clean participants who are helping to solve environmental problems.

Mr. Satoshi Ikeda

Japan Coast Guard Third Regional Coast Guard Head Office 
Director of Yokosuka Coast Guard Director of Yokosuka Port 

Mr. Satoshi Ikeda

By using Riviera's ships and rib boats to secure a sea route instead of land, we can transport people and supplies from the sea to beaches that are difficult to reach with patrol boats alone. Carrying out this training is a great initiative for the Japan Coast Guard, which protects the sea, to contribute to regional safety. It is extremely useful for regional disaster prevention, and it is carried out in collaboration between the public and private sectors, which we are very grateful for. is.

Comprehensive agreement for assistance and cooperation in times of disaster
Signed with Zushi City

At Riviera, we are always aware of emergency preparedness, as we respond to sea rescue calls almost every week, including small ones, during the season. We conduct evacuation drills at least four times a year with the local community, including nearby nursery schools and various organizations. Additionally, the Malibu Hotel has introduced a system in which EVs are used as storage batteries and discharged into the lobby in consideration of emergencies. And now, on October 4th, 2022, we have concluded a comprehensive disaster relief agreement with Zushi City.

Malibu Hotel
Comprehensive agreement

Learn at the symposium
Thinking about the future from the sea

On December 3th, the "Sea Symposium" will be held to conclude the "10rd LOVE OCEAN". Based on the concept of ``people gather around the beautiful ocean,'' this symposium will focus on the ocean, from environmental issues to fisheries, tourism, sports, leisure, marine culture, and finance, with the theme of ``Thinking about the future from the ocean.'' We talk without straining each other.
The speakers are diverse every time, but this time we have many people familiar with the ocean, including Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture Yuji Kuroiwa, marine adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi, and Olympian Mikako Kotani. A certain expert took the stage.
A fisherman who feels the actual conditions of the sea firsthand spoke about the current state of the fishing industry and Sagami Bay due to rising water temperatures, and the urgent need to restore seaweed beds to solve rocky shores. We will also share information about the policy and Japan's first marine seaweed bed restoration project in a marina, which started inside the Riviera Zushi Marina, from the perspective of researchers. Japan's maritime culture and yachting culture have been a long-standing issue, but it was a great time to hear from sailors how wonderful Sagami Bay is and to feel the romance of the sea. It was a very fulfilling symposium, with the addition of a new perspective, ``The ocean seen from the perspective of finance.''
This symposium was very meaningful as it allowed us to learn about each other's thoughts from various angles and gain new insights.The speakers and participants expressed their desire to reach out to a wider range of people in order to share their wisdom and work together as friends. We received feedback that many people would like to participate. To achieve this, I sincerely hope that we will create a wide-ranging community and platform with people who transcend gender, age, and position in a seamless manner, just as there are no boundaries in the ocean, and that we will all move forward together. hoping.
The next "4th LOVE OCEAN" will be held from May to June. We also plan yacht races, cycling and running to enjoy the coastline. We look forward to your support so that we can work together with everyone who loves the ocean to protect the beautiful and rich ocean and leave it for future generations.

Beach clean

Parents and children enjoying searching for microplastics

Beach clean

Junior Yacht Club also participates

Beach clean

Surfers also get out of the sea and clean the beach

Yuji Kuroiwa

Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa (Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture)

Masato Takahashi Seiji Otake Naoyuki Takiguchi

The current situation of Sagami Bay as told by fishermen
Mr. Masato Takahashi (Representative Director and Chairman, Kanagawa Fisheries Cooperative Association), Mr. Seiji Otake (Representative Director and Chairman, Kotsubo Fisheries Cooperative Association), Mr. Naoyuki Takiguchi (Director, Kanagawa Prefecture Fisheries Technology Center)

Junji Kinoshita Toshita Imai Tetsuo Yamazaki

Seaweed bed restoration “Shonan Blue Carbon” project
Mr. Junji Kinoshita (Chief Researcher, Cultivation Promotion Department, Kanagawa Prefectural Fisheries Technology Center), Mr. Toshita Imai (Managing Director, Fisheries Fisheries Association, Kanagawa Prefecture), Tetsuo Yamazaki (Riviera Co., Ltd./Blue Carbon Belt General Incorporated Association) Riviera Institute Director)

Kenta Inaba

The charm of Sagami Bay as told by a sailor
Mr. Kenta Inaba (Representative Director of SYL Japan Co., Ltd.)

Toshiki Adachi

SDGs and the ocean from a financial perspective
Mr. Toshiki Adachi (Executive Officer of Union Securities Advisors Co., Ltd.)

Atsushi Watanabe

From blue carbon to blue economy
Mr. Atsushi Watanabe (Senior Researcher, Ocean Policy Research Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation)

Kojiro Shiraishi

oceans around the world
Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi (Marine Adventurer/DMG MORI SAILING TEAM Skipper)

Mikako Kotani

Nature and the joy of living through sports
Mikako Kotani (Olympian)

Hanako Watanabe

3rd LOVE OCEAN Report/Blue Carbon Belt Concept
Hanako Watanabe (Chairman of NPO Riviera Future Creation Project/Representative Director of Blue Carbon Belt Riviera Research Institute/Senior Managing Director of Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd.)


Mr. MITSUMI (Radio DJ)

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